Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Aye Aye Captain!

I have not seen any Captain America comics. The only memory I have for Captain America, was the shield and the mask. :) Oh, and I do know another thing, he doesn’t have any superpower, all he has is the super-regenerating cells, and he can die, just like any one of us. :D That, makes him more human, more us. :)

I marked Captain America as one of my MUST-SEE’s this year! Just because I wanted to know more about it. How he became the hero of America.

Chris Evans, as the Captain America. Honestly, I was smitten, with his Captain America look! Oh dear! We know he is a charming lad in Fantastic Four (as the human torch) and the edgy-rugged fella in Push (didn’t like his role in Push), but I must say he looks so different as the Captain America! I fell in love with Chris Evans, and Captain America. Hahahaha…… I didn’t expect him to “grow” so fit and macho!

Aside from the looks, Evans did pretty well in Captain America. He showed people that he could act too. Oh, and Hayley Atwell looks so lovely in the movie!

Captain America, a very simple and down-to-earth movie I would say, but not boring. Surprisingly, it has my full concentration in the cinema. There were conversations, the quiet scenes, the not-so-adrenaline-pumping fights, but it is not boring. Strange isn’t it?

I was blown away by Captain America. Hero is not born, hero is MADE. How true it is, haven’t we seen it everyday in our life?

Also, hero doesn’t necessarily have an easier life than any of us. Now, I love Captain America. :)


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