Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Cowboys Craig & Ford

Daniel Craig’s first James Bond movie, I was impressed. His body is screaming I-am-HOT and his piercing blue eyes are oozing with temptation. His second James Bond movie, I was smitten. I’m waiting for his third James Bond movie! In the meanwhile, I always keep an eye for movies that he starred in.

First time when Andrew and I saw the trailer of Cowboys & Aliens, we were laughing away at the movie title and the plot. So lame! Hahahaha…… Saw it second time, we were both thinking, “hmm… Harrison Ford with Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde, not bad”. Third time we saw it, we were saying, “hey… perhaps we should watch it for the sake of the cast and the cowboys, it doesn’t look that bad”. Fourth time saw the trailer in the cinema, I told Andrew, “let’s watch it! I wanna see Daniel Craig, and Harrison Ford!” Hahahahaha……

Like I said it many times before, I don’t usually find a movie bad, if I said it is bad, it is really BAD. Cowboys & Aliens is just one of those movies that I would say, bad. The plot is so lame. The story is unclear, the characters are a mess, the aliens look more like monsters…… If it wasn’t for Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, guess I wouldn’t even bother to watch it. Ya, ya, I knew the story wouldn’t be good, I got attracted by Daniel Craig, that’s all. :P After the movie, I told Andrew, “sigh…… The movie would be a total epic fail if Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig weren’t in it”.

I couldn’t believe that the director was the one who directed Iron Man. I shall say he did a good job in directing, it is the story that sucks.

So folks, I have warned you. If you are a fan of Daniel Craig, you can’t miss this one, for all his charms and blue eyes and hot bod. If you love Harrison Ford, don’t watch the movie as he looks terrible in the movie. If you just want to see how bad it is, wait for the DVD then. :)


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