Matured Enough?

I’ve been helping my sister buying SK-II for 2 years. She has sensitive skin ever since years ago after some not-so-pleasant experience in a facial salon, been trying a lot of facial products that did not work and she finally decided to try the Facial Treatment Essence from SK-II. Every time when I asked her if it really works, she would tell me, “better than not using it”. That adds to my confusion with the good and bad comments from friends and others.

I then noticed something, SK-II users who found it effective are mostly ladies with matured skin, a.k.a. matured ladies. :) I thought, when I am matured enough, I shall give it a try then. Hahahaha.

Last month got sister another bottle of Facial Treatment Essence, and it came with a pack of free gifts! Don’t we all love free gifts? This is the first time SK-II gave me free gifts with purchase! I was shocked but happy to keep them!!! Yes, I get to keep the free gifts and I told my sister, “those have got to be mine”. :P On the sideline, I too thought it was time to sign up as a member. :D I get the free gifts, and the membership that could let me accumulate some points for redemption later! Wuahahahahahaha……

My Origins’ eye cream finished and I decided to go for SK-II. To my surprise, SK-II eye gel (same size) costs only RM14 more than Origins’!!! I was expecting it to be at least RM200 or more! *Phew* Let’s hope this works equally good if not better. After reading all the mixed reviews, all you can trust is your own self.

I chose eye gel since it is light weight and I wouldn’t have to worry about oil seeds if at all I used too much of it. Second of all, it is less expensive. :P It is indeed very light. In clear gel form, which explains why it’s in a tube and not a bottle, easy to apply. Feels a little bit sticky after application, but it’s ok, I can live with it. Any difference from the first application? I don’t know, and I don’t think so.


Wanting to get the trial pack for Facial Treatment Essence that costs RM199, too bad it is sold out in KLCC. Gotta try my luck else where tomorrow. Then, I can start my SK-II matured regimen. I’m using my hard-earned money to make myself a guinea pig again. Sigh.

I’ve been with Clinique for so many years and there’s definitely nothing wrong with their products. I still love their products. Guess I can’t just cut it off from my life, there are some products (Clinique’s) which I really, really like and I’ll never stop using.

We shall see how well SK-II works on me.

4 thoughts on “Matured Enough?”

  1. Hi there,
    I came to your blog after googling on sk2 advanced eye treatment film, because I was curious as to why my purchase is white tube, while, if u google it up, most pictures show a red tube instead.
    Do you happen to know any difference as to why there are two different packaging for this product?
    I’m just worried as I bought mine online, and it could end up as a fake one. Beside tube color being white, everything else looks genuine.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by. :)

      I can understand your worries. Yes, I was surprised too when I saw the white tube, because even the tester over the SKII counter was in red tube. The sales assistant told me they have changed the packaging to WHITE, but it is totally genuine.

      I bought it over the counter, I guess it can’t be imitation. As for the one you bought online, if it is from a reliable website, I think there shouldn’t be a fake one. :)

  2. Thanks so much for your reply. I guess you could be right, as it’s stated on my box, manufacturing date: May 2011. Could be the new pckaging.
    Thanks so much for your reply, now I’m rest assured of my purchase. :-)

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