Learning From Mistakes

I am certain, all of you have heard the above statement somewhere in your life. It is either said to you or to someone else. However, do you ever realize there are mistakes that they are never meant to be made?

Of course, murder and all the bad deeds that we know, are things that we should not do, not in any reason or excuse. We can’t be saying to a murderer that “it is okay, we learn from mistake”, can we?

Sometimes, we pay a great price to learn from A mistake. We made a mistake, damage is done, there is no way to make it right, we learned something, and then what? It took us a mistake to realize we should not do it in the first place?

All right, we make mistake without realizing it is going to be a mistake. So? Does it help when you try so hard to explain why you made a mistake? Sometimes it does. Sometimes it just doesn’t help at all.

I made a grave mistake. Thought I could keep the time bomb under the carpet and it would disappear after a while. Oops, someone stepped on it and, “kaboom”. I knew it was a mistake, yet I did it. I admitted to the mistake, I apologized and I was forgiven. However, we know, a mistake is made. I was lucky, the trust is not broken.

The damage, the hurt, the emotions, the ill-feelings…… Bad. Worst I have ever experienced. I swear to myself that I must not repeat it.

What did I learn from that mistake? Nothing. Except that I learned how painful it hurt.

Learn from mistakes? My a**! I’m not going to believe it anymore.

How not to make mistake again?

Remember the mistakes that you should not make!

P.S.: Just in case you’re wondering. I am merely recounting a past incident (a mistake). I am fine now. :) 

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