Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Random #14 – Smart

When you have a smart-a** husband, you just have to make your brain works double hard to out-smart him. From all the past experiences, I am proud that I sometimes out-smart him and leave him no room for objection. Sometimes, yes. Most of the times he is still the smarter one! Damn!

Last night, was one of the occasions that I “out-smarted” him. Wuahahahahaha…… *Grins evilly and proudly*

We were having our late dinner and I was thinking if I should have a dog or cat in the future. Andrew is not going to agree to it, he finds it troublesome to take care. We’ve been debating over this for a very long time.

Me: Eh…… Do you think we should have a dog or a cat? Which one is better?
Andrew: Hmm………… Let’s plan about this later.
Me: DUH! Always later! We’re getting the keys soon, why can’t we think about it now?
(Silence…… I continued with my food. 1 minute later……)
Andrew: You are very smart.
Me: HUH? What? Why?
Andrew: The way you asked the question just now, there’s only 2 options, dog or cat. I couldn’t say NONE.
Me: Wuahahahahahahahahahaha…… I didn’t mean to ask that way. I only realised how smart I am after I asked the question! *Continue laughing hysterically!*

I used to ask him, “can we have a dog”, or “can we have a cat”, and his answer would always be NO. Now, I asked if a dog or a cat is better. That left him no room for disagreement. Kakakakakaka…… He, could not agree nor disagree, chose to talk about it later. LOL.

See, your smart husband could only make you smarter. :P


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