Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

15 million Vs. Love

This morning, Andrew showed me a business transaction which worth RM15,000,000. I went all wide-eye and my jaw dropped open that I thought it almost touched the floor. He told me, it is just a small amount to the company. What the…… @__@

I asked Andrew, if someone, offer him RM15mil to divorce me and marry her, with the conditions that he shall not divorce her and remarry me for as long as he lives, will he do it?

A very sensitive topic to discuss and also tricky.

We always say, money can’t buy love. However, if it is a lot of MONEY, I bet you still can buy love. Perhaps not true love, but who can be sure, after being together for 10 years, could you still say you feel nothing for him/her? Couples who are together for 10 years could fall out of love, 10 years together could well make someone fall in love too.

The question here is, will you do it for RM15mil? Will you give up your loved one for RM15mil?

Last night I had a thought about it, seriously. I then realised, I do not have the gut to do it. Yes, RM15mil is a lot of money to me. I could pay off all the debts, be financially independent forever, my parents could live better, give some to those needed…… There is so much I could do with that RM15mil, so much…… But, I can’t do it……

The thought of living a life without Andrew by my side, is scary enough to send chills down my spine. Even with all the money, I can’t live a normal life without him. The attachment is too heavy to cut now. It’s meaningless to have all the money that I want but he’s not around to share the joy.

I’d rather live a happy life with him, than to live a luxury life  without him.

Honestly, I am too attached to Andrew. I can’t possibly give him up for money.

Oh, what if it’s RM15billion? Nah…… Who would be stupid enough to give me RM15billion to divorce him??!!! LOL!!! I ain’t the prettiest woman and he ain’t the hottest dude in the universe!!! Hahahahahahahaha……


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