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Muse Italian Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, Jaya One

Bought a discounted coupon from Groupon Malaysia last month, Italian pizza and pasta dinner for 2 at only RM28 instead of RM75.90, at Muse Italian Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Jaya One.

All these discounted coupons websites are so hot right now. However, I am very particular with the food and location. If it is something nice that is worth to travel, I do not mind. If it is something which I don’t see special in it, I would not bother to try even if it is just next to where I stay or if it is dirt cheap. I would not want to compromise my taste bud for some cheap food. :P The first time I redeemed the coupon was 2 months ago, with Melissa and Christine, The Mill buffet at RM39.90. That was a good one and worth every penny!

Jaya One is a shopping complex located in Petaling Jaya. My first time there, it was a Saturday evening, but it was quiet! Most of the shops were closed, only the restaurants in Palm Square were open. Palm Square is where all the food & beverages are, quite a unique place with the open-air boulevard. It was considered quiet for a Saturday evening. Another failing shopping complex?

Muse is in the centre, opposite Starbucks. The environment is okay except that there was some renovations going on, the constant drilling noise is a big put-off. It was noisy even when we were in the restaurant. Romantic and quiet? Not really.

So, we get to choose from 2 types of pasta and pizzas. I am very particular with beef, so I told Andrew that we should go for the Seafood Aglio Olio Angel Hair. For the pizza, the Chicken Triple Crown Pizza just sounds more delicious than the Beef Up Pizza. :D


Soup of the day, tomato cream soup. Ahh…… Very appetizing and original. :) Love it.


Seafood Aglio Olio Angel Hair. The portion is big!!! It is nice. But sorry that I think the one in Suria KLCC Signatures food court is better. This one is pretty dry, luckily the taste make up for it. The portion is so big that we didn’t manage to finish it.


Chicken Triple Crown Pizza. Oh boy, this looks so much different from the photo in Groupon! However, it is delicious, crispy on the crust but cheesy on the top. Andrew and I finished the whole thing! :D


Orange and pineapple juice, add on, at RM8++ each. Not fresh juices though, just syrup. :(

At the end, we paid an additional RM18.50 for the drinks. We were thinking since we were already eating so cheap with the coupon, paying little extra makes both parties happy too. We saw other tables were not having any drinks, Andrew said, “not sure how they’re going to swallow all those thing without a single sip of water”. Hahahahahaha……

I was so full after a good meal! The food is good, I would love to go back for their pizzas, but the location is a killer for me. And, to pay full price for that? No, I have better option than Muse. Honestly, Chillis and TGIF are better.

So, if you’re in the area and don’t mind paying that little extra, Muse is an OK place to go.


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