Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Giving Up

Is giving up the easiest way of all?

Having a tough time at work, resignation seems to be the easiest way out.

Going through a bad time with the best friend, withdrawal seems to be the easiest method.

Having a rough time in marriage, divorce seems to be the sweetest solution of all.

In a heated argument, to shut down all the communication and remain silence is the easiest thing to do.

Dealing with a difficult task, it is so easy to just surrender and say “I can’t do it”.

Is it so difficult, to face it, and deal with it?

Perhaps, after trying all the means, giving up isn’t so bad at all.

Maybe, giving up could reduce all the pain.

Possibly, when all hope is gone, giving up is to be hopeful again.

Hopefully, by giving up, the problem will then become not a problem at all.

Seriously, we think and suffer less when we give up.

Taking extra courage and effort, is tiring.

Giving up, is so easy.

It is so easy,

to say,

I have tried,

but it doesn’t work out.

I am giving up.


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