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Nasi Lemak 2.0 & Namewee

Namewee, has become a “household” name that almost every Malaysian knows. No, I would not want to crown him as our “hero”. He is merely a brave Malaysian who dares to follow his dreams and has the guts to speak out, where most of us do not have! He also is one that does not give up nor succumb to failures. He is a man with courage. I am also not saying whatever he did was right (although some I think are necessary), but I salute his courage. He is not a politician, but his actions speak louder than words and better than any politician that did nothing but empty promises.

He is a very talented person too. Have you listened to his songs other than those created controversies or got him arrested? You should listen to his other songs. He is a song writer, a guitarist and a good singer. He too, is patriotic towards his homeland. He could have had a bright career in somewhere else, but he chose to come back and contribute. Knowing all the difficulties that he may face here, he still chose to come back. Now, he is a director and an actor!

Finally, his hard-work has finally paid off, with his movie showing in the cinemas! That is one big step for him and also for the government. For a man as controversial as Namewee, for his movie to be in the cinemas, I must go and support him!!! Yes, actions speak louder than words! Been trying to get a ticket but it is always full! For the past 3 days I’ve been going to KLCC just because it was full all the time! Yesterday we went 1 and a half hours earlier and we were lucky to get 2 tickets, and that was on the fifth row from the screen! Gosh…… Namewee and Nasi Lemak 2.0 is hot!

Indeed, a very entertaining and “real” movie. Something that all of us Malaysians could relate to. I am glad to see that Namewee does not try to speak in perfect Mandarin, instead our very own Malaysian slang, that makes me feel so warmth and close to the heart. A very simple movie with a very BIG storyline and message. If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, you just won’t get it. If you try to see it from another angle, you will just get what you wanted to see. If you try to twist the story to what you wanted to see, you will never understand Namewee’s intentions of making this movie.

For 1Malaysia to work, we need more people like Namewee, think like him and act like him. Not his profanities of course!

A really nice and enjoyable movie. With all the Malay language, English, Mandarin and some other dialects, a very homey movie. I would say that his movie even got a little bit essence of Stephen Chow’s movie.

It is a good movie, and it comes from Namewee, you just gotta go watch it and show him some support so that he has the motivation to continue doing what he is doing. Malaysians, show to the world that we can unite. We are Malaysians, not Chinese nor Malays nor Indians. I am Malaysian, not Chinese.

Hoping that one day, we do not have to fill up the “Race/Bangsa” column. Our race/bangsa is the same, Malaysia.


2 responses

  1. Yea…I don’t see what’s the purpose of filling the ‘race’. But I guess we both know for what reason they are dividing it. Applause to Namewee who has made tonnes of effort for this movie. Gone through so much of obstacles yet made it succeed!!

    October 3, 2011 at 5:10 PM

    • Ashley

      Yalor, really serves no purpose if all of us are considered Malaysian. Satu bangsa, satu negara, satu malaysia, then should just drop the Race column!

      Really must show support to Namewee leh Mel Mel. Go Go Go!

      October 3, 2011 at 5:29 PM

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