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Loving Chuck Taylor

Converse, something that I dreamed to have during secondary school. It was considered a luxury thing as it was way more expensive than a pair of common white shoes for school.

After college, the need to have a pair of Converse never came. I’ve been wearing heels and sandals, for work and casual. I now wear a lot of Crocs for the comfort and convenience. The price of a pair of Crocs is going up like nobody’s business! After third pair of Crocs and I decided it’s time to stop. RM139 for a pair of rubber is just too much.

I wasn’t hunting for any shoes, as my Crocs is still new. Somehow, that love for Converse crept back a while ago. Blame it on Glee I must say. Hahahaha. Revisiting season 1 of Glee and I paid more attention to their fashion. Converse appeared in the show quite a number of times. I fell in love with it all over again and that dream to have one is back.

Finally, after some thoughts, I am a proud owner of my first red hot Chuck Taylor All Star Classic. :D Gosh, loving every bit of it.


However, Andrew isn’t a fan of Converse and to him, this type of shoes is ugly and he just couldn’t accep it. Hahahaha. Again, it’s individual preferences (ah, it’s been a while since I last used this phrase :p) and likings.

How long is this pair going to last? Long time I guess. ;)

Do you have your favorite Converse?


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