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Apple Will Never Be The Same

The world lost another great inventor and visionary, Steven Paul Jobs.

I am sure there is a lot of blog posts about the passing of Steve Jobs. I am not going to blog about his life as you can easily read it up in Wikipedia. Here, it is only how I feel about him and his Apple’s products that I owned or own or will own.

I have always felt amazed with Apple’s products. 12 years ago, when I saw an iMac, I thought the design was amazing and pretty, a breakthrough from all the common computers. However, I also thought that it was a luxury item to have, seeing that it cost so much more than a desktop of other brands. To own an iMac, has become my dream. Over the years, the iMac evolved, the desire of wanting it got stronger and stronger. I know I just gotta have it, someday, later. It is no longer a luxury item that I desire, it has become a need for better quality.

When I saw an iPod 10 years ago, I thought that was cool! The smallest MP3 player I’ve ever seen back then! Again, it was something that I could not afford. Even when I could at the later days, I no longer needed an MP3 Player. But it must have felt nice to have one.

There came the MacBook. OMG! A white laptop! WHITE! I was gasping when I saw the white MacBook. Again, the price was a big hinder and I stopped fantasizing of owning one. Then the MacBook Air!!! I started to salute Steve Jobs for his never-ending creativity and ideas.

The iPhone! It is pure God’s gift to human. A touch screen handphone, from Steve Jobs. When I touched it, I knew I was doomed. I knew I was going to have one or I’d never change my handphone. I was a proud and happy owner of an iPhone 3G, for 1 and a half years, until my carelessness do us part. The pain of losing it, still hit me every now and then, and I still miss it. I have a great Android phone now, but I still miss my iPhone. It’s weird, that when you have something greater and nicer but you still miss the old one.

If it isn’t because of the weight of the iPhone 4, I would have owned one too today. iPhone 4 is just too heavy to me and I do not feel the comfortability that I used to feel with iPhone 3G when I held it in my hand. I was no longer an iDevice user, for 6 months.

I was so tempted to get an iPad but I waited. When iPad 2 launched, on its very first day I went all the way to Klang to queue. With the iPad 2 in my hand, I felt a sense of relieve and ecstatic. Relieved as I am once again owning an iDevice, ecstatic because I was thrilled with the white iPad. Yes, call me silly, that’s how I felt to have an Apple.

Am I an Apple fan? Yes, I definitely am. Am I a Steve Jobs fan? Yes, no question about it. However, now that Steve Jobs is gone, I am not so sure if I would still be fascinated and excited with Apple’s new products. I stand firm on getting an iMac when I am able to in the future, but any new products from now on without Steve Jobs in the picture, I am not so sure. I believe the engineers and Tim Cook will do their best to continue Jobs’ legacy, but it is just NOT him anymore. Apple without Steve Jobs (although he stepped down from CEO quite some time ago, now he is gone forever), is different.

Steve Jobs is gone, and he took a part of the passion I have for Apple with him.

Farewell, Steve Jobs. May you rest in peace. We love(d) you, and thanks for all the wonderful things you’ve created. You will never be forgotten.

Photo courtesy of Apple


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