Ideas. At Work. #5

After seeing the house and everything is of physical and real now, Andrew and I are busy re-prioritizing and re-work on the ideas that we have previously.

Seeing that the tiles are of beige color, it is not possible to have a beech kitchen anymore. Don’t want to risk the cabinet looks like the extension of the floor up the wall. LOL!

If we were to choose wooden color, we have to choose it wisely. I always have a thing for white, and Andrew is very wary that the white will become yellowish few years down the road. Finally, we decided, black and white for the kitchen. It may look heavy and cause the place to appear less spacious, but that is the nicest color combination that we could think of to go with the tiles! If you have any better idea, do tell. We welcome your ideas.


This would be the dry kitchen. It would be rather small if we do not make use the yard area for wet kitchen.

Other than the kitchen, the living room is another problem. I love earthy tone, but with that beige color tiles, I do not want my home to look all brownish or yellowish or orangy anymore. Cold color tone is the only tone that would work now. We are thinking of black and white too, but too many black in the house… Err…… Perhaps some grey and white.

This one from Ikea, looks cool. :)

6 thoughts on “Ideas. At Work. #5”

  1. Aiyo just now write alot then error when posted.

    Dont put Black colour tiles/ have black colour surface/ matt/ glossy surface coz when you wipe it and when then surface dry can see watermark and very ugly. Sometimes can even see the benang benang or dust sticking on it make it difficult to maintain and spend more time do cleaning.

    Anyway.. Congratulations!! Bila Mau Masuk?

    1. Thanks Cheryl. I’m running out of color options ler leh, any to suggest? Grey & white?
      Not so fast masuk oh, reno oso not yet start, not even one bit. :(

  2. I saw nowadays alot of modern home they put 2 feet X 1 feet big size tiles.. the combination is like Grey + beige-ish (2 separate colours) and I think it looks nice.

    Can your house make an island at the kitchen there? If enough space it will be superb!! I really love the island or U shape kitchen with a table top workspace.

    Enjoy renovating your love nest ya!! Eh.. dont rush buy things okay.. Year End alot of warehouse sale sure can save a lot!!!

    1. I’m not going to redo my tiles ler, that will cost a BOMB. Hahaha. So I will have to choose the best colors to match the current tiles lor. Ya, I think Grey is good too. Will go for grey as alternative. Thanks a lot neh, Cheryl!!! :D

      I wanted to make an island also, I like it also leh. But I’m worried it will narrow the space in dry kitchen. But since it’s an island thing, I can add it maybe later lor. Now budget really tight :(

      Luckily you reminded me hoh, year end sales! Then I’ll buy the fittings and furnishings later ler. Thanks thanks.

  3. Eh I tell you what. Want to get a feel of the real thing, how other people renovation you go call up some agent in Mont Kiara.. you say you want to rent condo fully furnished, ask them show you the new condo and spend 1 or 2 trips there and you get really a lot of ideas and how other people do their ID.

    Hope this helps!! Really Eye opener okay..

    Eh..for the Island hor, you wait later only do means will never do de lar after you move in renovation will be hasle and full of dust and drilling and piping so many things.

    Another thing now got meh Viva home furniture at Loke Yew there u can go check that place out. HomeDec exhibition coming soon but I think year End Sale even better lor.

    Meanwhile, for the curtain go Ikea do lar, they sew for you even cheaper than outside. Toilet remember do water proofing.

    Dont go for white, no matter how careful you are.. sure things will happen.. scratches or sunlight or so many factor. No no lor

    Bed hor.. if you choose to buy Getha brand make sure you can buy the bed sheet same size from departmental store. Getha chi sin geh.. their bed mostly odd size geh okay.

    It seems I more kan cheong than you wahahahhahaha

    1. Aiyoo Cheryl, love you so much!!! Thanks for all the ideas and tips!!! *Muacks muacks muacks*

      The Viva thing hoh, hubby keep saying want to go, but until now never bring me there oso. Ish. Ya, I’ll be going to HomeDec oso for certain stuff lor. Then for some other things will wait till year end.

      Eh, I never thought Ikea curtains cheap wor! Good that you told me!!! I’ve been headache what to do with the curtains. Toilet water proofing? I thought it’s already done de?

      I’m sure I can’t go white for the counter-top now, leceh lah to take care. The island thing guess I have to drop it lor, I think now we also over-budget already. :(

      Didn’t know Getha got different size, a bit stupid lor to do like that. I’ll be getting King Koil from a friend, easier lah don’t want headache so much.

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