Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Criss Angel, The GHOST

When I first saw Mindfreak on the local TV channel, I was thrilled. I’ve heard father mentioning about this “ghostly” magician before, father called him a “ghost”. Hahahaha. I wanted to see just how amazing this magician is that could make father thinks so highly of, even better than David Copperfield.

I am pretty sceptical of magic. I know they’re just tricks that play with your illusion, there is nothing really magic about them. However, Criss Angel makes me believe in magic all over again.

Criss Angel, a magician and illusionist. His show, Mindfreak, is getting more and more exciting and mind-blowing. For most of it, I know they’re just magic tricks. However, there are some that really got my jaw dropped open and impressed. I now truly understand why would father call him a “ghost”. He even performed stunts that is pretty gruesome.

Just look at this mass levitation (or perhaps hypnotization) by Criss Angel. I’m not sure if he is still playing with our illusion. You be the judge and decide. :)

I am now a total Criss Angel’s fan! :D Criss Angel ROCKS!!! MINDREAK!!!


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