Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


Yes, made the decision, signed on the dotted line. Took us good 5 hours to decide on exactly what we wanted to do to the house!

Been struggling with the decisions for few weeks, money is the big issue here. At last, Andrew and I both thought, no more delaying and waiting. Waiting is wasting, Saturday, we just gotta made all the decisions on that day itself. Pity the contractor, he is nice to be patient enough with us and not rushing us to make decisions. We on the other hands, felt uneasy to always change our mind.

People have been telling us that we should look for cheaper renovation contractors, we have tried. Maybe not as hard, but what we got is more headaches and confusions. We are so fed up with the looking and thinking and we thought enough is enough. They’re more or less the same and yes, you could save a few hundreds out of it but the headaches and time you spent are also worth a few hundreds.

We are now so over the budget, gotta put a few things delayed. The following few months would be the toughest months for us. With the Chinese New Year so near, we just do not know how we are going to go through it. Sigh…… All we can do is let’s see how things go.

Every inch you touch, that is going to be money spent.

Everything that you see, is our hard-earned money.

I feel like just use the MONEY to paste on the wall or use the MONEY to make it into a piece of furniture! Why not?!

Bloody developer, couldn’t do a better job and so we had to do what they couldn’t do. &^$@#*

Finally, I can now take my mind off the renovation part and wait to see the final “results”. Let’s hope everything go smoothly and no hiccups.


2 responses

  1. Don’t worry ash….lets work it together…though its very very tough…every single cent spent everyday is important now…I’m kinda more calculative now…geez…
    & I will be proud of myself& hb for what we’ve done so far…But hor…everything we see when its complete…really paid off… *i guess so…am still waiting though =p

    October 24, 2011 at 3:34 PM

    • Ashley

      *hugs hugs* We both memang 1 tam tam leh…..
      True also lor, we will be proud of what we’ve done, cos it’s all our hard-earned money and we put a lot of mind and time into it ler. I also hope everything come out will be satisfactory lor, if not really heart sick oh, spent so much money end up not good one.

      We both jia you jia you, save money and work hard. Hahahaha. :D

      October 24, 2011 at 3:45 PM

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