Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Real Steel, Real Human

Ahhh….. Hugh Jackman, how could I miss his movies. :P He is the main attraction of Real Steel, but the robots, are what makes me wanting to watch it so much. They’re so much like Transformers, and they live with human!

The robots, they do not interact with human, they’re merely fighting robots, that replaced human in boxing. I wonder if we would get to that stage. It’s possible, human fighting against another is all too violent most of the times. Whereas robots, no blood spilling and injuries, the only thing that spill is money.

There’s no perfect hero saving the days in the movie, no complicated human relationships and no dramatic story, but it is one hell of a great movie. The father and son story is pretty old-fashioned, but it’s still the best story to tell and sell. Love the way how Hugh Jackman isn’t playing hero in the movie, he’s just an average guy with the money problem and a son that he did not want. His son, turned out to be the person who taught him to be confident again and how to “fight”. With that kind of storyline, it’s a surprise that it turns out to be a great movie. A “real” movie.

Totally enjoyed the movie. Those robotic fights, of course not as glamorous as the Transformers, but the raw metal to metal is enough to get all of us adrenaline pumped. We were just like watching a real boxing game, with the cheers of the crowds. Some of the audience in the cinema did clap and shout with excitement! This is the second time Andrew and I seen people clapping and cheering in the cinema, first time was the Ip Man 2 movie.

The faint response of Atom towards Max, leaves us all wonder, if the steel man is able to understand human. It’s all steel, but what makes the steel human, is still us – HUMAN.

*Andrew and I love the scene where Atom mirrored Hugh Jackman’s jump in the fight! That is so cool!


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