Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


Saw the Kitschen name on the Southgate building, hhmm…… Not sure of how long the name has been around. Been wanting to check out the new Southgate mall and also Kitschen, but recently time has become a luxury thing for us to spend. Gotta spend it wisely.

Went to the newly opened Festival City in Danau Kota. Wow, pretty big and trendy, similar to Mid Valley Megamall. I can see myself patronizing the mall very frequent in the near future, it is just a stone throw away from my house. My favorite Subway and Nando’s are there, both Sushi King and Sakae Sushi are in, there’s going to be a cinema soon and a lot of nice looking boutiques. :D

Okay, my purpose was to check out the curtain shop that my contractor recommended, not to shop around. But since the place is new and Andrew suggested to check out the whole place so that we know what is in there and we would know if we could find what we need there in the future. After nearly 1 hour talking to the owner of the curtain shop, we checked out the mall. On our way out, I saw Kitschen. Andrew was definitely in a good mood yesterday, he was the one to tell me to go check it out, “since we are already here, why not”. I was surprised but happy to go check out some new clothes. :)

Wow, wow, wow…… Kitschen clothing is fashionable yet wearable even for ladies my age. Hahahahaha. Most of all, they’re not overly priced! Most of the dresses are below RM100! Believe it or not! I was already jumping with joy and told Andrew that I could come back to buy some new year clothes. Hahaha.

Then, I saw this piece of dress that looks really cute. Best of all, it’s a promotional item, buy 2 for RM80! Andrew again, was the one to encourage me to try few of them since they’re so cheap! Huh… My man was definitely over the moon yesterday. Oh, just before we went to Festival City, Cache Cache just opened in KLCC and I went in to check out the prices of the clothes, Andrew even wanted to buy me another fleece jacket! I was shocked as it is not cheap. His reason is, don’t want me to catch cold in Korea. Awww…… That was so very sweet of him. I went out of Cache Cache with empty hands but a heart warmth with so much of love. :)

Ok, cut the crap short. I managed to buy this 2 dresses at RM80. Happy, happy me! :D My first Chinese New Year clothes. Hahaha. Kitschen, I’ll be back!


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