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Tenjin @ Grand Millennium Hotel, KL

A million thanks to Groupon Malaysia, given me the opportunity to dine in this great Japanese cuisine restaurant!

Tenjin, I saw it few months back when I was redeeming the buffet voucher in The Mill, wondering how this Japanese restaurant would fare. When I saw there was a Groupon discounts going on for Tenjin, I immediately grabbed it without hesitation. :D RM29 for a bento set lunch with free flow of green tea! That was a great deal for Japanese food lover like me. If you are a Japanese food lover, you would know that a quality one would definitely cost more than that. Once again, I am not one that would purchase those discounted vouchers just because it is near or cheap.

I went with Andrew, for the first redemption. Yes, I went twice. :D I bought 2 vouchers!!! Hahahaha…… Went the second time with my girlfriends. :) There were 5 sets of bento to choose from, I wasn’t worried of getting the same food.

I have to give thumbs up to the service at Tenjin. Firstly, I received reminder calls from its front desk. Someone named Chloe, called me 2 days before the dates I booked, to remind me of my reservations! How thoughtful they are! When we were in the restaurant, the friendly staffs made us felt so relaxed and never did we feel mistreated for redeeming our vouchers (some restaurants treated voucher redemption as if we were beggars! Hey, we did pay for it ok!). Also, they refilled our green tea without having us to ask for it. Trust me, even Kampachi does not refill as soon as Tenjin does!

Great service, great food, great ambiance, great value…… I will definitely go back for more. :)

They gave Andrew and I the counter seat, what a pleasure. Get to see the chefs work. :)

Did I say I love Japanese salad?? Gosh, the dressing and those salmon/crabmeat on top… Mmm… It simply shouts “Yummy”!

The sashimi that came with the Sashimi & Tori Teriyaki Zen, super fresh and delicious! Does anyone know what is that dark red meat with black skin? It is so fresh that I could taste so much of its rawness and fishy smell. Andrew likes it, I don’t.

The grilled chicken. Andrew said it would taste better if it’s more salty, but to me it is good enough.

My Sushi & Tempura Zen! I love tempura and the sushi that came with the set, gosh… They’re so yummy! The rice is nicely pressed and each of the sushi fits a mouthful! Not too big nor small. The chef is good!

My favorite tempura! Other than yummy, it is still yummy. Hahaha.

Salmon sushi. Perfectly pressed and fresh salmon, what more can I say? :P

Dessert – Green Tea Ice-cream! The best green tea ice-cream I’ve ever had! The green tea aroma is so original!

Oh, not forgetting the chawanmushi, which is full of tiny surprises. Tenjin is definitely not stingy on the ingredients used. The miso soup somehow was rather too salty on my second visit. Guess the chef or someone accidentally added that extra pinch of salt. Hahaha. The presentation of the food, worth 10 marks from me. The chef is pretty particular with the presentation and the cutting of the fresh meat. Oh by the way, the chef is a Japanese. You can definitely get freshly made original Japanese food in Tenjin.

Here’s the food from my second visit. :D

Gintara Teriyaki Zen. The generous piece of cod fish is something I didn’t expect. I thought it would be of smaller size since it is a bento set. Another thumb-up to the generosity of the chef. :) The cod fish taste so nice! The meat was so soft and nicely cooked.

My Makunouchi Bento, with sashimi, tempura and grilled mackerel. Love, love, love every bit of it!

Look at them! What else can I complain? Hahahaha.

I miss Tenjin so much! Must go back for some good happy food someday soon. *Slurps*


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