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Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine @ Eastin Hotel

Few months ago, bought this Shumatsu Japanese Buffet Dinner at Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel, at RM46 nett per person. Being a Japanese food lover (I just can’t stress enough how much I love Japanese food :D ), this is another good opportunity for me to try the different variety of food.

I am a small eater, when it comes to food, I only go for the quality and variety instead of the quantity. I always say I’ll be the losing party if I ever go buffet, ’cause I don’t eat much. I’ll only take a mouthful of everything and that’s it. As for Japanese food, the only thing that I could and would go for second round, is the sashimi.

However, Eyuzu is such a disappointment. We were there earlier, so we walked around the hotel to kill some time. Guess what, I never knew Eastin is such a small hotel until then. Andrew and I just sat by the swimming pool to wait for Eyuzu to open. When Eyuzu did open sharp at 6pm, I was shocked  to see the queue was rather long already.

Some drama happened and that pissed me off. When it was our turn, I happily handed my printed vouchers to the lady at the front desk. Note, the front desk was merely a table set far away from the restaurant entrance, speaking of hotel and appearance! The lady took my vouchers, happily noted down the numbers and my name, and she handed the vouchers back to me. Please note this, she handed the vouchers back to me. I heard her turning to her colleague and said “G5”. I guessed that was our table number. But hey, no one came to lead us to the table. Well, I was patient enough to just stand there and wait for someone to come lead us. The lady stood up, dropped some papers, I was kind enough to bend down and picked up the papers for her. She looked at me and thanked me with a smile. Minutes later, I saw people that came after us were being lead to their tables. Why Andrew and I were still standing here and waiting? Out of curiosity, I asked the exact same lady, yes, the exact same lady that got my vouchers and returned them to me and I picked up the papers that she dropped, “why is there nobody leading us to our table”. Oh my, my question was a million dollar jackpot question! The lady, she asked me in return, “have you registered?” Andrew and I went wide-eyed. “Of course I have and you were the one who took my voucher numbers and name”, I replied, still in a polite tone. She asked again, “You have? Where’s your voucher?” My goodness, she was the one who returned the vouchers to me and now she conveniently forgotten about everything! Andrew and I were standing there all the while and she was there too and now she totally forgot who we are. It wasn’t very long ago that she looked at me and thanked me, 5 minutes top! Now she forgot? Is she having some memory loss disease? Is she so forgetful? Or she’s suffering some short-term memory loss illness? Senile? WTF! She shuffled through the book again and told her colleague to lead us to G5. See, G5!!!

If it wasn’t because of the stupid unnecessary drama, I would have gone on with my dinner happily. Just that little drama is good enough to kill my good mood.

The food, gosh…… It’s a hotel, I expected more from the standard of a hotel. I’ve been to Eastin for international buffet before, it was good. However, this Japanese buffet is just a disaster. I have a higher expectation for hotel food, therefore I was disappointed, perhaps I expected too much. But Andrew, someone whose taste bud is not as fussy as mine, isn’t too happy with the food too.

His favorite chicken teriyaki was too hard and bland, he couldn’t even finish the chicken satay that he took, the baked oyster which I think was fine and I went for second one but Andrew thinks it was so-so only, he too didn’t like the grilled shishamo…… All the cooked food, that we thought would be the “safest” of all to eat, eventually turned out to be either too bland or yucky. The beef was so chewy and tasteless! The grilled salmon was overly cooked! The eel was hard and cold! The Japanese pancake sucks big time! The tempura taste like those fried stuff you could get in hawker center. The only thing that I did not complain was the baby octopus. Hahahahahaha…… Oh, and the salmon sashimi. The food sucks to the extent that I didn’t even want to try the rest of the food that I have not tried. @__@

For that kind of price, with that kind of food, RM46 is the maximum that I would pay. If there’s another similar offer again, I would rather spend that RM46 in Tenjin!

Guess what, I only took 3 photos during the dinner. After taking first bite on the food, I lost the confidence and didn’t even bother to take photos anymore. This is the only discounted voucher that I regretted buying.

The fresh salmon and baby octopus. The salmon isn’t the best I’ve had.

The not-so-fresh unagi, soggy gyoza, yucky teriyaki and super yucky tofu.

The chewy and tasteless beef and salmon, soggy shishamo and the just-fine baked oyster.


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