The House

Back from the trip, and was immediately busy with the house. Went to see the renovation works and paid another half of the payment to the contractor.

Andrew and I are happy with the renovation thus far. All nicely done, with good workmanship, nothing much that we could complain about. The plaster ceiling and cornices are all done, happy with the outcome. We know that we made a good decision to do the L-box plaster ceiling all the way to the dining hall when we saw how good it looks. No regrets.

Went for lights hunting in the afternoon. Finally got all of them. This weekend will have to fix all of them up and the electrical items. There’s still lots of work for me and Andrew.

Andrew is happy, that I could see. I’m glad that we made a right choice to go with the contractor.


The kitchen, is finally materialising.


The living and dining hall.

P.S.: Heard a sad news from the contractor. Another contractor, without the key to enter the house, trying to climb in to the house from the yard area fell to his death from 10th floor. :( Happened in another block, and he fell onto the balcony of the unit located on the 4th floor. T__T Why couldn’t he wait or get the key? Sigh……

5 thoughts on “The House”

    1. thank u mel mel. Ya, both andrew and I are very anxious to see the outcome. At least it would be more comfortable than we expected lor. U must come over ya when it’s done :P

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