Loot from the Incredible Seoul

It was spending time! Spent quite a lot in Seoul. Not on the souvenirs though. Came back only realised I do not have enough souvenirs to give away! Shoot! I was so obsessed with all the fashion and skincare and I conveniently forgot about the souvenirs! I am in deep sh** now.

Here’s what I bought, for Andrew and myself! Yes, only for Andrew and myself! It was so rushing and I did not have the luxury of time to think of others except Andrew and ME. Felt guilty to go without Andrew, he was on my mind all the time. Hence, bought quite a number of things for him.

These are for Andrew. Polo Ralph Lauren @ Paju Premium Outlets. The blue one is the most expensive, only realised the price after I paid! @__@

Polo for myself. :) KRW42,300 each. You can’t get that kind of price here in Malaysia.

Finally, got myself a pair of running shoes! No excuse for me to not exercise now. KRW76,300 for the shoes, KRW8,800 for 3 pairs of socks.

Bought this at the very last minute. GAP @ Paju Premium Outlet, KRW42,300.

Bought this huge tote bag at Myeongdong, KRW10,000 only!!!

Got this in Myeongdong too, KRW25,000.

Also got this in Myeongdong, KRW12,900.

Skincare from The Face Shop for Andrew. Don’t know how good they are though.

Bought the powder puff and eye mask only for myself.

From Etude House. (Clock-wise) Eye-brow pencil, Hello Kitty Perfume, loose powder, BB Cream and eye-shadows.

Free gifts! I don’t even know what they are. The sales girls just chucked them into our shopping bag.

Got these from the cosmetics duty free shop, KRW30,000 each.

Ta-da! Got myself a Longchamp in Incheon airport. :D I wouldn’t have bought it in Malaysia. :P

Hmm…… I am missing Seoul already. -__-

11 thoughts on “Loot from the Incredible Seoul”

    1. Thanks for dropping by. :)

      If I had more time, or if it was a free & easy trip, I would have shopped more than this! :) Love shopping in Seoul! Especially Myeongdong.

  1. Hi, need some advice from you for the Paju Premium outlet. Is that cheap to get the branded goods there (ie, gucci, gap, burberry, nike) if compare in malaysia. I’m going to Seoul this month, I have extend 2 free days in seoul, still wondering is ‘worth’ to go Paju premium outlet. Is the Longcham bag cheaper than Malaysia? abt how much you bought yours. thanks for sharing the info.

    1. Hi Angeline, thanks for dropping by.

      About Paju Premium Outlet, I only managed to go Coach, GAP, Polo Ralph Lauren and Nike. You can get some really good bargain in Polo Ralph Lauren, especially the polo tees for women, about RM130 per piece. You definitely can’t get that kind of price here in Malaysia. But do note that there’s a difference between Polo Ralph Lauren and Polo (cheaper). But again, I have not been to the Johor Premium Outlet, I’m not sure if JPO would be cheaper or the same.

      For your extended 2 days, I would suggest you to go Myeongdong for some shopping (if that is not in your tour itinerary). There are so many fashion boutiques and accessories there, branded or not, they’re nice! You can really get some good bargains there. I miss Myeongdong the most.

      About the LongChamp bag, I bought it in the Incheon airport, about RM450. I have friends telling me I could get it cheaper in France. LOL! To me, it was cheap enough and like I said, I wouldn’t buy it in Malaysia for RM700 for that bag. :)

      Hope the above helps.

      1. Hi Ashley, many thanks for your reply. RM130 for Pola Ralph Lauren is really cheap, even US also cant get at this price. Then, Paju premium outlet is one of the ‘must go’ place. I’m staying in Myeongdong for 2 nights, looking forward for this tour. is the shop allow to bargain in Myeongdong? The Longchamp bag still cheaper than malaysia.., yes i bought one in UK abt $70 pound.

      2. Hello Angeline, you’re most welcome. :)

        Make sure you get some good pieces from Polo Ralph Lauren, not just the polo tees. Good that you’re staying in Myeongdong! You’ll go crazy there. Haha. Here’s the tricks, if you’re shopping in the boutiques, basically their prices are fixed and not for bargain. But those stalls on the streets, you can do a little bargain but not much. Our tour guide that time told us you can only go for 20% discount if at all you want to bargain, otherwise the owners may ask you to leave. :) The thing is, things are cheap there, not dirt cheap, but cheap and the quality are not too bad. I bought 3 hairbands there for RM15 each, here you will probably get the same stuff for RM30+.

        Another trick is, when you buy clothes in Myeongdong, do check out the labels on the clothes, buy only “Made in Korea”. I’m sure you don’t want to go all the way to Korea just to buy “Made in China” stuff right? ;) Do not ask the shop attendants where they’re made from, they’ll get angry. Just check out the labels on your own. :)

        If you’re a fan of Longchamp, do go for it in the airport. ;) Lots of colours to choose from, unlike in Malaysia.

        Have a great trip, Angeline. :)

  2. thanks for your advice. totally agree with you, can get ‘made in china’ stuff here, try to look for korea made stuff.. Planning to go Taiwan next year, sure will drop by your blog to ‘dig’ useful info and tips. U have been to Ewha University, is it nice to shop there if compare with Myeongdong? Is Ewha Uni same as Sincheon lady street? my tour itinerary going to Sincheon lady st.

    1. Hi Angeline, I’m just trying my best to help. :) Just so happened that I went there before.

      I did go to Sincheon lady street, it’s very near to Ewha University, I walked around there with my colleagues. It was early in the morning, not much of crowds and I didn’t have much time to really look and shop. I could see a lot of fashion boutiques there too, but sadly I didn’t get to go in. :( Only bought some earrings there, so I can’t really compare it with Myeongdong. There’s a Zoo Cafe near Ewha Uni, it’s so nice! If you’re a coffee person, perhaps can take a break there. :) The advice I can give you is, buy anything that you like and you think it’s worth. If you find cheaper one later, it won’t be too much cheaper too. ;) You won’t be going back to the same place again, what if you can’t find what you like later? That’s my motto anyway. :P

      1. really appreciate your valuable advice. yes..i’m the coffee lover, definately want to try the zoo cafe. thanks

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