To Coach, or Not to Coach

Gotten my first every Coach tote bag last year, during my Taiwan trip. Then my second Coach handbag last September, in Hong Kong.

To be honest, I am not a fan of Coach. I don’t hate it, but I don’t really like it as well. So, why do I still buy Coach? Because it is cheaper than any other designer brands! LOL!

In Malaysia, I would never buy Coach. Knowing that I could get them cheaper in the airport duty free shops or outlets in overseas, I would never, ever buy Coach here in Malaysia. What?! Paying almost double the price to get the same bag? No way! That’s a rip-off!

A friend made a trip to USA recently, I am so lucky that she managed to get me a wallet and a sling bag! I was so on the cloud nine! Guess what, for that 2 items, they only cost less than RM500!!! Yes, RM500 you could hardly get yourself a wallet here in Malaysia!

Love the wallet so much! Exactly the one that I wanted! And the sling bag, perfect for weekend day out. :D Thank you my dear, for picking up the exact things that I wanted and bringing them home. :)

Went to Korea, was so tempted to get myself another Coach. Lucky thing is, I couldn’t find one that I like in the outlet! Hahahaha. Also, I told myself, no more Coach from now on. I’ve had enough of Coach bags. Wallets perhaps. :)

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