Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Immortals 2011

Andrew wanted to watch Tower Heist, I disagreed. Hahahaha. I love Greek mythology if you have not know, Immortals would be my pick. We could watch Tower Heist on DVD, but Immortals you just have to feel the “power” and see its beauty on the BIG screen.

It’s the same producer of 300, there’s a lot of similarity in the movie. Pretty violent and bloody, just like 300. However, it’s a great enjoyment to the eyes! The graphic and visual are fantastic! Seeing those Greek gods in real persons made me go ooh-ing and ah-ing!

Sadly, the story is bad. The portrayals and images of the Greek gods are distorted too. Zeus appeared to be too gentle and human in Immortals, not the powerful godly side of him. Ares is just too kind and soft, where’s the God of War? Athena looks just an average girl! Sigh…… The story, is not at all the same with the myth. Guess they improvised on the myth to make it more commercial.

Henry Cavill, who played Theseus, has a great body!!! *Drools* Not to forget Mickey Rourke! He still looks charming and he too has a great body! Guess what, he is almost 60! Of course, he is undoubtedly talented and he acts well in almost every role. Been seeing quite a lot of him on the big screen recently. To be honest, Mickey Rourke is the only character in Immortals that impressed me.

Don’t bother going to the cinema for the film if you aren’t into mythology, you will be bored to death. Also, you may not understand a thing about those Greek gods. :) I enjoyed the movie, but I do not like its story.


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