Seoul In, Seoul Out #2

By following a tour, we tend to be more disciplined. Woke up at 6.30am, as we had to gather at 7.30am for breakfast and the tour would start after that. Shower, dry my hair, skincare routine, make-up, change, pack… All done within an hour! No lazing around or taking my own sweet time. Phew. You don’t want to waste everybody’s time, you just gotta make haste.

On our second day, we went to Lotte World. It is pronounced as “Lot-Teh” World, not “Lot” World. According to Wikipedia, Lotte World has the world’s largest indoor theme park. The reason the bosses and I chose Lotte World over Everland, is because it has both indoor and outdoor theme parks, and a shopping complex attached to it. Those who do not like to go for the outdoor, could at least stay indoor and in the shopping complex. The indoor theme park is really an eye-opener! It is so huge! There’s also this cable cars that shaped like hot air balloons floating in the air! And an ice-skating space! The outdoor theme park is even better! So many adventure rides! If Andrew were to be with me, we would have gone for all the rides! With my colleagues, we only managed to go for 2, Atlantic Adventure and the Gyro Swing. Don’t underestimate the Gyro Swing, it may look gentle, but once you got into it and up in the air, that’s where the thrill is!

After half a day of fun and thrills, we went for some kimchi making class. It was pretty boring, after-all, they just wanted you to try their kimchi and hopefully get you to purchase some. I didn’t buy any, knowing that I do not have any refrigerator at home to store them later. Bummer. Also, they will let you to try on the Han-bok (韩服), Korea traditional wear. I was so reluctant to try it as I know the tour guide is going to take a photo of everyone wearing it and sell the photo to us later. Not that I am stingy to buy the photo later, but I see no point in wearing it. It’s not the real full set of Han-bok, plus, I don’t want to make myself a fool. Was forced to wear it and took a photo with it. Grrr…… I didn’t even buy the photo at the end of the trip. :P

After our dinner in Dongdaemun, we went for some shopping. Too bad that they’re selling winter clothings now, wouldn’t be suitable for us to wear in Malaysia, we didn’t shop much in the malls. We went to the streets and got ourselves some skincare and food instead. :D

Checked in to New Hilltop Hotel in Gangnam-Gu. Geez, can you believe that they off the air-conditioner? According to the front desk, it’s centralised, and it’s off ’cause it’s cold! The room was so stuffy and warm!!! We were forced to open the windows and risk letting in the mosquitoes. Sigh…… First time I slept in a hotel with windows opened! And it’s supposed to be a 4-star hotel! 4-star my a**! Forgot to take photos of how the room looks like. It’s pretty spacious. Well…… No complaints except that the bed is not comfortable. I usually do not have problem sleeping in hotels, but it took me 2 good nights to adjust in order to sleep well. Didn’t sleep well for first 2 nights, I was so tired.

On our way back to Seoul city.

Chocolate bar from our tour guide :D Yummy!

Lotte World! Must ‘tunjuk’ muka lah sikit. Hahahaha.

See that “hot air balloon”?

Lotte World outdoor theme park, Magic Land.

Gyro Drop! Sorry, I don’t have the guts for this!

We were starving, grabbed our lunch in Lotteria! It looks so much like McDonald’s, but it has more varieties than McD, and it is delicious! Got myself a shrimp burger, thumbs up!

Kimchi making! My “art”. Hahahaha.

Our dinner on second night, yummy!!!

Didn’t take many photos on the second day, too busy having fun and shopping. :)

4 thoughts on “Seoul In, Seoul Out #2”

    1. Hahahaha… Guess we go with tour the food and places would be the same lor. Yalah, we were laughing too when we saw the “maggi mee”. But it’s nice ler, we even asked to tambah maggi mee leh….
      I’ve not been to Everland ler, so I can’t compare. But Lotte World is HUGE! We were tired walking around also ler. Next time got chance I think I’ll go Lotte World again. :P

      1. Duno why M’sia don’t have nice nice theme parks…other than Genting, macam don’t have others liao…But then if got oso..I doubt ppl here will maintain it well lor…*sigh

      2. Agreed! Sunway Lagoon is not bad, but not as “extreme” as those in other countries lor.
        Sigh…… The mentality of the people here……

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