Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

The Smurfs!

Nope, I’m not a big fan of Smurfs. Used to watch the cartoon Smurfs when I was a child, but I barely remember their names. I only remember the song! Hahahaha. Few months ago when the movie was on, I started humming the tune of the song whenever it came to my mind. Sometimes in the car, out of sudden, until Andrew said, “again?!” LOL. Sometimes in the office… in the shower……

Guess what, there’s this Smurfs’ Village game on the iPad! And, Andrew downloaded it on his Android phone and he too is now so into it!!! I can’t believe that he is “farming”!

Finally, get to watch The Smurfs on DVD. Didn’t go to the cinema as it really didn’t appeal much to me. DVD would do just fine.

Aww…… The Smurfs look so cute in the real world! Ah…… Thanks to the advancement of technology, Smurfs are no longer 2D. :D Love, love, love Smurfette! Okay, seriously, I fell in love with those blue people. :)

Guess everyone now knows about those little blue people living in their own blue community. I do not like the way they run their community though, it’s too monotonous and boring. :P

Oopsie… Time to harvest my crops in the village! Hahahahaha……


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