The Home

It is, slowly becoming a HOME. :) A home that we have been longing for.

Contractor told us the house is done. Andrew went to see the house, there’s some “hiccups” need to be fixed. From the photos that Andrew sent to me via Whatsapp, the house looks “empty”, but nice. When I saw it with my own eyes last night, with the lights and all, I couldn’t help but feel contented. Ahhhh…… The dim yellow light from the T5 is sweet, the plaster ceiling looks surprisingly nice, the ceiling lights in the study area look unexpectedly cool…… At last, a home. OUR home.

Nothing fancy, all we want is a comfortable home.


I don’t know why the yellow lights came out as green on my handphone (the bottom left photo). -__- I promise you better quality photos when everything is done.

Next, would come the furnishing. Sofa, tables, chairs, washing machine, curtains…… Another round of money-spending and head-cracking.

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