Seoul In, Seoul Out #3

On the third day, we visited DMZ, Korean Demilitarized Zone. You may read about all its history and such from Wikipedia, I’m just gonna spare my blog from all the reposting of history of which you can find in Wikipedia.

With so many tourists around, you do not get to feel much of the history around the area. I was merely enjoying the view. However, when we made our trip to the 3rd infiltration tunnel, the sense of history came rushing into the mind. The 3rd tunnel is the closest to Seoul, dug by the North Korean for a surprise attack on the South. We are not allowed to take photos in the tunnel, all our bags and cameras would have to be locked in the locker provided.

It’s no joke to go down the slope and walk back up!!! I can’t remember how long the slope is, but it is pretty steep, perhaps 200m. When we reached the tunnel, most of the time we had to hunch our backs and lower our heads. The tunnel is so low, we had to put on the helmet for protection. You can always hear the banging sound of the helmet against the rocky top of the tunnel. LOL! We walked another few hundreds metres into the tunnel until we reached the third barricade. No visitors are allowed to go past the barricade. The problem is, walk back up the slope!!! Oh boy, for a person who does not exercise to walk up the slope is like dying slowly. I’m not joking, but I am proud of myself. I only took 2 rests in between to come back up. I was sweating madly when I came up! With the knitted long sleeves shirt, gosh, I felt like taking off my clothes!

The DMZ was a great experience. If you happen to visit South Korea, make sure you go to DMZ.

After the tunnel visit, we went to see a 7-minute video in the theatre, briefly showing the war between the North and the South and how the DMZ formed. It’s so sad, to see so many people killed during the war. Sigh. We also went to the Dorasan Station, a train station which was once opened and then closed, the train travelled between South and North Korea. However, it is now only open for tourists. It does not transport people to and from North Korea. :(

After visiting DMZ, it’s time for, SHOPPING!!! We went to the Paju Premium Outlet which located, of course, in Paju. :P So many branded boutiques, but they’re cheaper than Malaysia!!! Yay! We were given 2 hours for shopping. 2 hours??? Seriously, 2 hours is not enough! Sigh…… I was busy shopping and didn’t want to waste time, I realised I didn’t take any photo in Paju Premium Outlet. Hahahahaha…… Shopping and photo, suddenly photo seems so unimportant. :D

Chinese breakfast. Not very nice.

Guarded post and fence along Imjin river, the river that runs from North to South. Security along the river is very heavy.

At Imjingak.

The wish ribbons.

The railway that runs in between the North and the South.

Imjingak during autumn is just so beautiful!

Dorasan Observatory deck. To take photo, you have to stand about 3-4m away from the binoculars, behind a yellow line. If you’re caught taking photos within the yellow line, the soldier will come immediately to demand you to delete the photos from your camera. It happened to one of the Korean tourists. Please obey all the rules when you’re in DMZ.

Dorasan Station.

Steamboat lunch again. A bit “jelak” already. @__@

Ginseng chicken for dinner!!! Superb! Yummy!

There goes our 3rd day in Seoul. Huh…… Time flies.

2 thoughts on “Seoul In, Seoul Out #3”

    1. Ya, Imjingak is nice! But i’m not sure it would look as nice during other seasons.
      I love the ginseng chicken so much ler… hahahaha….

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