LuiLui Again

My lovely LuiLui heels have finally given up on me. :( Sent it for repair a while back, lasted another month or two, but it has gotten loose and the seam on the side has came off too. I am so, so, so sad that I could no longer wear it. It is so versatile and I could wear it for all occasions. Sigh. Tried looking for the same pair but it is all sold out. T__T

Finally, bringing this second pair of LuiLui (bought them the same time with the previous one) to light. It was a bit challenging when I first wore it. The heels are taller and with a bit of wedge on the front. Took me a week to get used to it! Good thing is, it is comfortable. Seriously, LuiLui has got some killer-heels but they’re really comfortable to walk in. Now I fell in love with this pair of heels. Gonna get another pair, pray hard that it is still available.

It’s just that this one looks so “normal”. My colleagues have been asking me “where are the red heels”. ARGH! Sad……


2 thoughts on “LuiLui Again”

    1. hahahahahaha… Sometimes in the office if I stand beside some colleagues, I also feel a bit awkward talking to them. Sorry sorry. :P
      Go get a pair for CNY! :D

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