Seoul In, Seoul Out #4

So, where did we go on the 4th day in Seoul? It’s shopping time!

Early morning, the tour guide brought us to the cosmetic duty free shop. All of us girls went crazy! We bought more than KRW500,000 altogether, got a hand-carry luggage as a free gift. Crazy shopping, I didn’t take any photos. Hahaha.

Later in the afternoon, we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace (景福宫). A good place for photos. One of the tour guides told me a lot of couples come here for wedding photography. It was windy and gloomy that day, sort of giving the palace another kind of look under the gloomy sky. We were lucky that it didn’t rain heavily whenever we were out. :)

Since it was our last day in Seoul, did a major shopping in Myeongdong. Too bad we were only given 2 hours to shop, there are so many nice things in Myeongdong! I prefer Myeongdong than Dongdaemun.

We went to the JUMP show in the evening! It was so entertaining and hilarious! You can catch a glimpse of JUMP show on YouTube. For what is JUMP all about, read Wikipedia lah. :P

It’s all YELLOW!!! So pretty lah!

Our lunch, BBQ beef!!! Mashisoyo!!! Gosh… Miss it so much.

At Gyeongbokgung. *This is what you get when you give your DSLR to someone who’s unfamiliar with handling it. All the background people are in. Sigh.*


Love this pic. :) Really wish Andrew was there with me. :(

Heading to Myeongdong for shopping. Shinsegae department store, didn’t get to go in. Sigh.

In Myeongdong! My favourite shopping place!

Skincare, skincare!

Clothes, clothes!

Food, food!

Aiyooo… Not enough time ah!!!

Our tour guides. The lady speaks good English. The guy is also the photographer.

On the 5th day, some of us who were on MAS flight left for their flight in the early morning. My colleague who shared the same room with me was on MAS. I, considered myself lucky to be on Korean Air, get to stay and hang around until 1pm. The tour guide brought us to Ewha Womans University (a very famous and prestigious university) and we again did some mini shopping there.

Since it’s a women university, it is surrounded by lots of boutiques and cafes. We went to this Zoo Cafe for some chillax moment. :) The interior is so unique and comfortable.

The university looks so nice. Not like us here so boring. -__-

Coffee time! I love giraffe! :D

My favourite mocha. Regretted that I did not bring back the cup. :(

This is not from Zoo Cafe. My colleague bought it in another cafe. The cup is cute. :D

On our way to Incheon Airport. See there’s a reddish layer on the ground? They’re crabs! So many of them, along the river!

Hello again Incheon Airport. Goodbye Seoul. :(

Ahhh…… I miss Seoul……

2 thoughts on “Seoul In, Seoul Out #4”

    1. Oh gosh, now I miss Zoo Coffee! Haha. I must say it has the same standard as Starbucks. :) Wish they have it here in Malaysia. Love the concept.

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