Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


Holy cow! I have 605 blog posts now! How did I ever blog so much?! Ya ya, it may seem to be chicken feed to some of you, but I only started blogging actively in year 2008. 3 years, 605 posts. Geez…… That is like 16.5 posts a month! Oh well, my 2011 resolution is to blog everyday. LOL!

I seriously hope I could blog everyday. Perhaps I should start looking deep within and make a change to my blog. Since I love poetry, that shall be a good start. With the new house completing soon, guess I will have more time sitting at a proper desk for some serious writing. I hardly blog at home right now. So, yeah, I shall do more writing in the future, instead of blogging. :) Perhaps write more in Chinese. I know some of you are going to protest against it, you know who you are. Hahahaha.

3 years, been blogging for 3 good years. Could see myself improving bits by bits. The way I write and my English…… However, I am still pretty much myself. The way I think has changed too. I would giggle at my silliness when I read back those silly posts in the past. This is what keeps me continue blogging, to see myself evolve and to relive the past. Sometimes, it’s like reading someone’s boring story book. :P

So, what keeps you blogging? :)


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