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Salon Esprit @ Pavilion KL

Bought a deal from Groupon months ago, hair colouring or perming with wash, cut and blow at RM128, at Salon Esprit, located on the 5th floor of Pavilion KL. Right beside Esprit outlet but it’s at the corner, you may miss it if you didn’t look carefully.

First impression when I stepped in the salon, damn, it’s huge! Hahaha. It’s so spacious. Wayne was the one that tended my tresses. I wanted to perm my hair, but I was so worried I’d look even older. Gave up the thoughts then and went with colouring. Sigh. Perhaps wait till my hair got longer.

Wayne told me the color is one tone lighter than the one I did, but it turned out… huh…… it’s dark brown. The color I did was “ash brown”, but it looked golden brown on my hair. Now, it’s chestnut brown. Lucky the color looks nice and it sort of shines. :D

Surprisingly, only did some trimming to the end of the hair, but the hair felt different this morning.

Will I go back to Salon Esprit? Ermm…… Am not sure. Hair cut yes, like the way how he cut my hair. :) Guess I’ll do the perming in my home-town where I know the hair stylist for a long time and he too knows better of what I want.


Left: After. Right: Before. (Andrew said, no difference. -__- )


2 responses

  1. Hated You !!

    I will not go back to this ‘骗钱的黑店‘ !!! I has spent total of RM178 on my hair…but…what I get ???? I get ‘nothing’….I m just get ‘damaged hair’….actually i wanna make curly hair…but the hair stylish said that my hair quality is not good…so…he was afraid that my hair cant get the result…but…why all my friends and family never face the problem ?? before i went to other salon make curly hair,it was nice …howcome??

    December 22, 2011 at 2:02 PM

    • Ashley

      Hi, I’m so sorry about your bad experience with them. I think it is best you highlight your concern with the salon.

      December 22, 2011 at 2:10 PM

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