Someone Will Never Get It

It is so obvious

Someone just doesn’t have the creativity

Monkey see

Monkey do

A laughing stock to all

Someone just doesn’t get it. Even monkey see, monkey do is also an art. To mimic another person, the first criteria is, you gotta understand what it is. Mimicking without understanding the meaning, just as good as copying without a brain. Even the mirror could reflect the exact same thing. Some people just couldn’t even copy the right thing. :)

I no longer feel frustrated whenever I get to know about “it”. I don’t feel flattered too. I only feel, “someone will never ever get it”. I, can still write/do better. :) Call it arrogant, at least I can afford to be arrogant. Hahaha.

6 thoughts on “Someone Will Never Get It”

    1. LOL! Super bad lah you :P Are you getting what I’m getting? Am I getting what you’re getting???? Hahahahahahahahaha

  1. Aiyo .. why so frust la.. I dont get you wor.
    Am I the only one not ‘getting’ it?
    If you not talking about me (perasan) and is a SHE then you call that person BIMBOBUST!

    1. I’m not frust lah… :P
      Walau… BimboBUST!!! What a name lah!!! hahahahahahah……
      Definitely not talking about you lah.

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