Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Those Days

There’s a new Taiwanese movie, has become so famous. Everyone (almost) seems to have watched it. Everyone who has watched it said it was a very good movie. 那些年,我们一起追的女孩, translated as “You Are The Apple Of My Eye”. The theme song, also became a popular hit.

I have not watched it. This is not a movie review post. The song, somehow reminded me of my school days, which I personally think it was lacking in fun.

I wasn’t a pretty girl back then. No boys have ever set eyes on me. I wasn’t the popular girl that was good in sports and school activities either. I was often, the one being left out. I tried joining others, fit in the circle. Somehow, something just wasn’t right for me. I was OK with everyone, had a few good friends, but something was still missing. To be honest, even right at this moment, looking back at my school days, I feel sad.

Those days, were good old days. However, I know I was trying too hard to be someone I was not meant to be. Now, I understand. I was trying so hard, to live up to others’ expectations.

I miss those days, where we had nothing to worry about except the examinations. Other than the worry-free part, I do not miss the rest.

Fortunately, my life after school is incredibly great. That sort of compensates the not-so-great school days.

Well, present is a gift. I shall live in the present, and look forward to what’s going to come.

Those days, were gone.




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