Ghost Protocol

The installation of kitchen cabinets and wardrobe last Saturday was a nightmare. I felt so sad. All I could do was sighing and sighing. Andrew, on the other hand, was tired. He was so busy with the house even when he was off from work for 2 days. He wanted to take his mind off the house for a while and proposed to go for a movie in the early morning of Sunday.

Mission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol is something Andrew has been talking about since early of the year. He is so impressed with Tom Cruise performing all the stunts on his own instead of using a stunt-man. Tom Cruise has been my idol for a long time. Andrew only likes his movies in the recent years. Partly because of me, he has seen more of Tom Cruise’s movies. He has been telling me he MUST watch MI4. Hahahahaha…… 5 years I’ve been waiting for another MI movie. What a long wait.

Ghost Protocol, a great one. Although there are things which may look impossible and man-made, it is still a great movie. Seeing Tom Cruise risking his life climbing the Burj Khalifa is already exciting enough, worth every penny you paid for a movie ticket. Mission Impossible never lacks in action. Everything is well woven that you will never feel bored. There is humours too, which made me laughed out loud quite a number of times.

I noticed, Tom Cruise doesn’t play cool and handsome in the recent MI movies as much as the earlier ones. I still remember he kept showing people how beautiful his hair was in MI2! LOL!

Love the movie so much. Of course, LOVE Tom Cruise too! :D

Now, let’s see how beautiful Tom Cruise’s hair was in MI2. Just watch and you’ll understand what I mean. :P

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