Christmas 2011

Had a very busy and tiring Christmas this year. However, a happy one too. :)

Parents came all the way to help me with the moving-in stuff. Sister was here with her daughter  too. It was great to have them around while moving in, the house was always full with people and never quiet. :) They went back last night, it was so quiet all of a sudden.

Andrew and I finally had time to really sit down on that cosy sofa and watch some TV. Ahhh…… Could finally slowly taking in the feel of our own home. It’s something new we felt, a HOME, that belongs to no one else but US.

The dining and living room looks so much like a home. Still need to put up some things, but they now have the look of a home. The study area is in a mess! BIG mess. We can only sort out all the mess when the kitchen and wardrobe are done. Thanks to the so-called designer that our kitchen and wardrobe are NOT done by now.

Went to Wan Yi’s wedding on the night of Christmas. Get to catch up with some friends. :) Wan Yi looks so gorgeous especially in her red gown! Sigh…… Even the youngest amongst us friends is married now. :)

A very different Christmas we had.


Still have much works to do, but at least, it’s a cosy place now.

14 thoughts on “Christmas 2011”

    1. Thank you Mel Mel! :D
      Never mind lah, sure got chance to come de. :D CNY come my house “bai nian”. Hahahaha… And I’ll go your house oso. :P
      Thanks for the “siew pao” and egg tarts ler!!! Yummy! :D

    1. Thank you Cheryl. :D

      You mean quotations for the renovations ah? I’ll write a post about it lah later.
      You renovating your current place or new place?

  1. Ya ya.. please write a long long post on the renovation ya, I’ll be renovating a Double Storey old house that I bought recently. So I headache dont know how much it will cost, especially tiling, seems to be really expensive on labour

    1. Wahhh… second hand house if want do renovation definitely will cost a lot, and even if you set a budget, sure will over-run oso de. Me condo also over the budget already.

      I’ll share whatever renovations work I’ve done lah. :D

    1. Thanks ShinYee :D

      Now I’m waiting to see yours. :) Hey, the contractor I mentioned earlier, you can give him a call for quotation. He’s a nice guy, will give good suggestion if you asked for advise.

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