IKEA Or Not? #1

All the while, people have been telling me that IKEA’s stuffs are not meant to last, the quality isn’t worth all the price that you’re paying. IKEA furnitures only expect to last 1 to 2 years, if you’re expecting to change them 2 years later, IKEA would be a good choice.

I’ve been buying stuff from IKEA, even when I did not own a house. From my experience and observations, IKEA isn’t a bad choice and the quality isn’t as bad as some of them described.

Bought a LACK coffee table many, many years ago. The photo above shows that there’s another layer beneath the top, but mine doesn’t have that. I can’t remember the price back then, it is RM79 now. The quality? I used it as a computer desk, you can imagine how heavy the monitor was and of course, the table actually sagged a little in the middle. Kept the table in the box for a while when I moved to another rented place, took it out again 2 years back. Now, Andrew told me he noticed the surface has some bubbles, wonder if it’s the humidity in the house that caused it or what. This table lasts more than 5 years, to me is pretty good enough.

Bought this ANEBODA wardrobe a year or so after I bought the LACK coffee table above, but mine is in birch veneer, price remains the same as RM249. It was on a lower price for few years. Quality? Damn good! I had 3 stacks of folded clothes at the bottom, almost reaching half of the wardrobe. Yes, the bottom did sag a little with all those clothes in it, but no difficulty in closing and opening the doors. When I moved all of the clothes out last week, I was shocked to see that the bottom bounced back to its original state! The legs are not even slightly bent. The clothes rail is still as tough as new, only that the coated paint is coming off, but it is not bent even when I had so many clothes hanging on it. I’ve seen my mom and sister’s wardrobes (bought from furniture shop) with the clothes rail bent to “V” shape! I’m surprised IKEA has such a good quality for a budget item like this. It looks new too after 5 years, my dad saw it last week and asked if I have just bought this. :)

Bought a FREDRIK desk 3 years ago, also birch veneer. Couldn’t remember the price too, perhaps the same as current one, RM449, but now they do not have birch anymore. Was using it for laptop most of the times, a flat screen monitor occupied one of the table top corner and the books and other stuff occupied the shelves on top. Quality? Good! There is some wear and tear marks on the table top, but it is quite a steady workstation. I used to sit there every night doing my translation, other than the “sweat” marks I left behind, it still looks pretty new.

These 3 were the biggest investments I had from IKEA. When we wanted to buy a bed-frame and a chest drawers, we went to the furniture shop and we regretted the decision. The bed-frame wooden supporting strip broke when I sat too hard on it. The locks on the chest drawers are rusted. It ain’t cheap, cost me RM500 for that drawers.

Andrew and I went hunting for furnitures since months ago. We do not have the budget for some super-expensive-superb-quality furnitures, Lorenzo doesn’t have what we wanted, Rozel is way out of budget, we resorted to those conventional furniture shops. We got so disappointed with the quality and the prices. They would give you attractive discounts, in fact they have actually marked up the prices. The quality? For a RM1800 sofa, IKEA’s sofas are way, way, way better quality than them! Designs? I thought I was living in the 80’s when I saw the designs available. A dining table (with chairs) the furniture shop sells at RM1500, is worse than the BJURSTA dining table (RM625) and AGEN chair (RM69) from IKEA. We were deeply saddened by the fact that the quality in those shops has gone so bad. :(

We have been to IKEA many times. Every time we saw something, we wrote down the prices and materials and we tried to find it somewhere else with the similar quality. Sad to say, either the quality is better but price is super expensive, or the quality is worse but the price is the same with IKEA. We came to a point that enough is enough, we got so tired with the hunting and disappointments. IKEA that is.

2 thoughts on “IKEA Or Not? #1”

  1. YES. I agreed that not every IKEA stuff are ‘char’ type. I also end up buying several items from them. Kinda like their simple design yet looking modern, which I hardly sees in furniture shop lo. Talking about price, ya…u gotto so-called go test it urself. Some of the items really good pricing with quality too….
    p.s: That LACK coffee table, yeap…its RM79. I bought the square one, which is RM99.

    1. Agreed, agreed! Andrew and I love their designs lor.
      Yalor, that’s why I always tell people, better go see and feel it yourself and see if you can accept that kind of quality. Something which I think very “char” one could actually be acceptable to other people ler. Some of their TV bench hoh, so over-priced and quality so bad! And some are actually ok one but the price makes you think that it’s cheapskate. Hahahaha.

      To me, the coffee table is so cheap. If can last 3-5 years also considered good enough lor. Better than buying few hundreds geh and 2 years only already got problem. :P

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