The Challenge Continues

As much as I would like to blog each day, I did not meet the target. Last year, I only managed to write 202 blog posts. FAILED!
Hope I could do it this year. 365 posts. However, I’m not going to blog for the sake of blogging. I’ve seen people doing it, having a blog-posting marathon but nothing much to read. No content, no stories, nothing interesting…… Just for the sake of filling up the blogging space. That is pathetic.
Guess I over-estimated myself and I thought I could do it for everyday. The laziness got the best of me and I wasn’t blogging as much as I wanted to.
While trying very hard to post everyday, I got back my poetic side. I read more of what other bloggers are writing. My style hasn’t changed but I am definitely inspired by those bloggers.
There’s one thing I am really proud of and I’ll be doing it more, that is I’m writing poems again! And I’m picking up the Chinese side of me too.
In the journey of post-a-day-ing, I’ve found a few great bloggers. One Life by Jamie is definitely the witty one, I keep myself amazed with Analyfe‘s amazing blog posts, and not to forget the Dear Optimists! I often get a good laugh from Nadia and Den. There are still a few more other bloggers that I’m following. Like my friend, Melissa and Cheryl. :)
It’s no big deal if you can’t blog regularly. I do not have a secret recipe to blog frequently. Just go with the flow.
Hope I could blog as much as a-post-a-day in 2012. The journey continues. :)

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