IKEA Or Not? #2

Took us another 4 trips to IKEA to finalise the things that we wanted to buy, and we even went all out to examine the quality. We did not just think twice or thrice, but 4 or 5 times!

If you want to buy from IKEA, you have to first determine what are the things that you’re willing to compromise and the things that you could not tolerate even the slightest creak of the furniture.

Sofa. Andrew and I wanted a sofa that has wider seat area. We both have long legs (sorry, I don’t mean to show off), and we both know how uncomfortable it is to sit on a shorter cushion sofa. Secondly, we both wanted a good back support, or at least comfortable. We’ve seen a lot of sofas with the back designed so low that it only supports your lower back, which will cause strain to your neck and upper back if you sit for a long time, like watching TV. Only IKEA has such a sofa that met our requirements and with a price tag that we could afford. We sat on this sofa so many times and to make sure that it is comfortable, and at least could last us 5 years. Geez… Can’t believe that we actually thought so much before buying a sofa! Got the three-seat-sofa below from IKEA, at RM1799 in black-grey fabric. It could actually seat 4 persons. We’ve heard enough from people that we could get a bigger and nicer one in other furniture shop with RM1800. Heck with it. We have tried this, and it’s comfortable, good enough.

Dining table. When it came to dining table, Andrew and I wanted a square/rectangular one and with the extendable function. Both of us came from a big family, we know better what it’s like when family members gather together and not having sufficient sitting place around the dining table, end up taking turns to have a meal. I’m more lucky than him as I never experienced that since dad has an extendable table back in hometown. Andrew felt the need to have one like that even more than me. We tested all the dining tables in IKEA, our tolerance level for creaking sound from the table is zero. We too make sure that the table is steady and solid enough that it won’t shake. NORDEN is the most stable one, but it is too costly. We went for BJURSTA, RM625 oak veneer and could seat up to 10 persons after extended. Pretty solid I must say, even my dad gave his thumb up. :)

Dining chairs. I saw this AGEN rattan chair selling at RM69 each and I told Andrew I MUST at least get one. He asked, “where to put?” “I don’t care, I love it and I just want one.” Hahahaha…… I love rattan stuff, love its natural colors and smell. :D We were in a headache of what kind of dining chairs to get to match with the table. I told Andrew we could then get 2 AGEN chairs and go to the furniture shop to get another 2 wooden chairs, mix and match. End up, he bought 4 AGEN chairs for dining, solved all the problems and headaches. LOL! We spent RM901 for the dining set. Compared with those from the furniture shops, I would say it is pretty reasonable and I get what I wanted. Dad said it is such a waste to use such a nice chair for dining! Hahahaha…… “You don’t sit and eat there for hours, why get such a nice chair?” Well, at least it could double up as a chair for the guests IF we have more guests in the house. :)

TV console/bench. To customise one, our contractor quoted us RM800 for a 8 feet long TV wall shelf. RM800! Forget it. We have seen some really cheap one in IKEA and we thought of buy one and DIY it a little bit. Then, we recalled we have bought the 51″ TV and those cheap ones may not be able to hold. We were lucky to spot this LACK TV bench from IKEA, RM249! The cheapest and solid we have ever found! And it looks classy too. :)

Workstation/Study desk. I love this BESTA BURS desk from IKEA so much, but the price is a killer! RM999 for a desk!!! I must be out of mind if I were to buy it. Then, Andrew and I settled with VIKA AMON that costs only RM219 and both of us could actually share the same desk since it is long. When we made our final trip to IKEA, we saw a white MELLTORP dining table selling at RM159. We tested it, nah, bad for dining purposes. Hey, we could use it for study desk! It’s wide enough and long enough! Hooray! If this could serve us a good 2 years, we’re happy enough.

Bookcase. Being a bookworm, how could I not have a bookcase for my books? :P When I was doing my packing last week, I found out that I have 4 boxes of books and still have some outside the box. When the hell did I buy so many???? I told Andrew, seriously, one bookcase is not going to be enough. I fell in love with IKEA’s HEMNES bookcase. The grey-brown looks so classy and the quality is good. Of course lah, the price is GOOD too, RM799! Andrew is so not agreeing to it. :( Our budget for renovation over-ran, I told him my bookcases could wait. However, it was so nice of him to smuggle one BILLY bookcase for me. :) He loves the birch veneer and medium brown, but it’s RM245, RM76 more expensive than the white one. Every dime counts, we could only go for the white. Anyway, I’m happy with the white, matches the desk and wall color. :D A white study area.

Bed frame. We didn’t plan to buy any bed frame from IKEA. We don’t really trust its bed frame’s quality. Further more, most of their frames are in Queen size, there’s only a few selected designs available in King. Andrew’s father insisted to buy 2 single bed frames for the guest room. He got us 2 FJELLSE bed frames at RM139 each. It is of solid untreated wood, has natural wood color. I was pretty sceptical about its quality and was questioning Andrew why he allowed father-in-law to buy that. “He insisted.” Oh well…… When Andrew was assembling the bed frame, I was still doubting its quality. Shaking my head while looking at the thin legs, sighing when I saw the screws…… When everything was done, I was surprised with the slatted bed base. Wow… it is strong! Sister even went up and stood on it! The bed frame didn’t even move when I shook it! Surprise, surprise. When I laid down the mattress on it, my goodness, it makes such a fine and comfortable bed! So folks, you don’t judge a book by its cover, and now you don’t judge a bed frame by its look too. Again, do test and feel it before you make your decision.

Footstool. Saw this cheap footstool on IKEA website, SOLSTA PALLBO footstool at RM8.90! Grabbed one without thinking much. It could be used as a footstool or a stool. Quality? RM8.90, what do you expect? It comes with a cushion and cover! Pretty strong for RM8.90 price tag. Who says good things ain’t cheap and cheap things ain’t good?

Rattan lounger. Andrew’s father also got us this KARLSKRONA Lounger, RM399! I saw this when I went with Andrew, both of us love it so much. But we were thinking this could wait and we seriously do not want to splurge on other unnecessary stuff. His father, went with Andrew to get the rest of the stuff, saw it and told Andrew, “get this too! Nice!” Hahahahaha…… I was surprised that he appreciates rattan and having the same taste as us. :) The lounger does not just look good, it’s comfortable and pretty tough as well. It is now our favorite chair. :D The lamb skin I bought in Melbourne, match perfectly with the lounger! Happy with the investment back then, it isn’t expensive for a genuine lamb skin, cost us around RM150. It is better off to be on the lounger than the floor!

Rug/Carpet. We bought this HAMPEN rug 2 years ago after we bought the house. It was love at first sight for Andrew and he thought it was cheap. We remember the price back then was RM149, but now it is RM179. We planned to put it in the study area, but it is now in the living room. It’s very comfortable and definitely doesn’t look like some cheap rug that we’ve seen else where. However, the bits of the rug are coming off every now and then. It’s not some serious problem but it’s annoying especially when you see some green bits lying on your floor. It is too small for the living room, we may get a bigger one for the living room and move this to the study area later. Would I buy HAMPEN again? Yes, as long as the price is reasonable and the quality is of our acceptable level.

Bathroom mirrors. We were looking high and low for mirrors and shelves for the bathrooms. Nothing in IKEA caught our eyes. We gave up searching and thought we could get the mirror first and leave the shelf for later. On our last trip to IKEA, Andrew and I were delighted to see this FULLEN mirror with shelf, at RM49! We grabbed 2 sets, solved our problems once and for all! Not the best mirror and shelf, but it looks simple enough and less bulky for a small bathroom.

That’s all for now. There are still a few more that we may need to get from IKEA. The only concern we have right now is, too much of IKEA will make our home look too “familiar”. Imagine when your friends come to your house and say, “hey, I know this, it’s from IKEA! Oh, this one too! Hey, this is nice from IKEA!” -__-||| We are trying very hard to get those that you can’t recognize that they’re from IKEA from the first look.

IKEA is so deep into our life. You’re going to find at least one item in the house, that is from IKEA.

So, says who that IKEA no longer has good quality items? Look carefully, you can still find them.

9 thoughts on “IKEA Or Not? #2”

    1. Thank you Mel Mel. The lounger adds something different to the living hall lor, else the living hall would be like very dull gum.
      Eh, that lamb skin and fur very soft lah. I like to caress it so much ler… macam Wang Wang’s fur! LOL!!!

      1. Ok ok.. then this one is Kimi. Wuahahahahahaha……
        That time in Melbourne mah, bought in Victoria market, sure cheap. I saw one similar in IKEA, slightly smaller jek, RM200++ I think. :|

    1. LOL! Funny lah you :P
      Get for Adam should be ok since kid growing up very fast, change bed later also won’t feel so sakit hati. :D

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