Bryan Adams

Have u really ever loved a woman?
You will know this if you and I are from the same era. :)

For quite a while back then, I was pretty crazy in love with Bryan Adams. I would look everywhere I could to buy his albums, even old ones. I would listen to every of his songs and memorize the lyrics. It was pretty much of eat and sleep with Bryan Adams. :) At this point in time, I do love him still.

Why does Ashley who always loves the good-looking hunks love someone like Bryan Adams who isn’t got the looks?

There’s one thing you probably haven’t know. I’ve got a thing for men’s voice. Hahaha. Men with throaty voice or some may call it the manly voice, would get the most attention from me. I could listen to Bruce Willis’ voice and drool over it. I would go dizzy when Liam Neeson speaks. Andy Lau’s voice makes my legs go weak. Andrew’s voice? Makes me feel warm. :)

Bryan Adams has got a very unique husky voice when he sings! It’s like a magnet and I’ll be like a piece of soft metal, hopelessly drawn to him! Hahaha. Don’t believe me? Try listen to some of his songs and you’ll understand what I mean. Try listen to this “Please Forgive Me”, my favorite with his most husky voice.

So, it isn’t the looks that really got me, it’s the whole package. :) He’s not just a singer, he’s also a song writer and a photographer.

By the way, the most loved football star David Beckham, does not have my love. Have you ever heard him talking? You should, and you’ll know why I do not love the most handsome man as they claimed he is. :)

Hmmm…… Writing about Bryan Adams reignites the passions I used to have for him. Listening to “Please Forgive Me”, melts my heart.

Another one to charm your night away……

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