Lucky End of 2011

Year 2011 ended great!

Lucky star was shining upon me at the very last minute! I got the present from the MD, and it’s an iPad2!!! :D Although I have one, who wouldn’t be happy to win another one? :) I was so happy! When the MD called my name, I thought he was joking! LOL!


Un-boxing my new iPad2 :D From the MD. Now, Andrew is using my 16GB whilst the 32GB new iPad2 is mine. Wuahahahahaha…… :P

My boss was telling me not to stop dreaming yet. Just before I managed to ask him what he meant, he handed me a L’Occitane paper bag with a gift box inside. “Here, for you.” I was so surprised! This is the first time he bought me a Christmas gift! Double happiness! :D Andrew was saying it’s an appreciation gift as well. Hahahaha……


It’s a Peony Set! :D Aww… Smell lovely!


On the contrary, I feel a teeny bit of uneasy. Yes, he appreciates what I have contributed thus far, that is also sort of reminding me to continue doing the best. Do you see that invisible “pressure” haloing over my head? -_- Ohmmmm…………..

Will the good luck at the end of year 2011 follow me to the year of 2012????? I hope so! Ah…… Everything is so full of hope now.

I am so full of hope even with the house issue I have with Kubiq.

2012, end of the world or not, let’s live like there’s no tomorrow. :) Cheers!

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