Mind Your Language

ARGH! I have not been blogging for the past 3 days! Shoot! My post-a-day resolution is going to be a failure again. -__-

As some of you who have been following my blog, may have know by now that I try very hard not to make simple obvious grammar mistakes when I write. I’ll read my post again after I hit the “Publish” button and correct the mistake if there is any. I am not perfect, there are times where I do make mistakes on spelling or grammar.

I get uneasy whenever I read a blog full of grammar and spelling mistakes. Or sometimes repeating the same small mistake over and over. Do they ever read what they wrote? Is their spelling checker not working?

I enjoy reading blogs that have their very own style. I appreciate bloggers who express themselves in their own language but not in perfect English. I understand what they’re trying to tell and I enjoy all the witty and humorous words of their own. However, when I have to read the sentence twice (or sometimes thrice) to figure out what exactly the blogger is trying to say, or when the blogger takes me on a long, long ride to come to a simple and easy conclusion, I get annoyed. I remember there was once I got so annoyed reading a blog that it gave me headache and I stopped reading it half way through. Argh… I was going round the bushes that the blogger led me in and there was no way out!

I seriously think that it is fine if you couldn’t write in perfect English and make some grammar mistake. No one is gonna punish you in this blogosphere. However, use simple English. English is just so easy and simple if you strip it bare. Compare this:

I have this nice feeling that I do not know how to describe but it certainly feels nice to feel that way towards it and perhaps I will visit it again.
I love it and I’ll return.

Do you get me? It is worse when the first sentence is full of spelling and grammar mistakes and you have to work your brain double hard to interpret the whole thing!

I say, leave the long, descriptive English to the expert. Use your own “language” and style to express.

As the saying goes, “if you have nothing better to say, don’t say anything”. The same simple rule works in blogging too. Instead of typing all the rubbish, why not just cut it down to a few words that best express yourself?

Also, you can’t just impose something onto your style if you do not know how to use it, or worse, do not even know the meaning of it.

How wonderful if everyone could just write in simple, easy to understand language. Save our brain some energy.

Now you know why I love poems. They’re just so easy to read. The essence of a story. Mmm……

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