Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Bridesmaids 2011

Been hearing/reading nice reviews about this movie, but I didn’t get to watch it last year. Well, having a husband who adores actions, adventures, comedies, great cast and great stories, it is mission-impossible to get him to the cinema with me for a chick flick like this. How about my girl-friends? Hmm…… It’s funny, I don’t do movies with my girl-friends. Ah, we prefer to best use the time for catching up and gossips. LOL! Girls being girls, what do you expect? :P

Bridesmaids, so much of girl-friends stuff. I was amused, touched, sad and happy while watching it. I’m not sure how many of you out there could relate yourself to Annie in the movie, that your bestest friend of all suddenly has a new best friend and she doesn’t seem to need you a lot than she used to. I understand that feelings all too well. Took me years to accept that it is not my fault, to rebuild the confidence, but I do not open up my true self to friends anymore. I still help friends whenever they need, but I do not devote my whole self to friends anymore. I don’t categorise my friends to “best friends” and “good friends” anymore. If you’re a friend that’s worth my effort, you are my friend. Only a few really see the real me, those are the people that I am willing to let my guards down and be myself. Sad? Well, been hurt too much, it is only natural to want to protect yourself.

And how often have you experienced that awkward moment of meeting friends of your friend and struggling to find something to chat? And things get oh-so-diplomatic and people often asked if you’re married or how many children you have and blah, blah, blah! I was laughing so hard when Annie was at Lillian’s engagement party. Kakaka…… Mind you, it does happen to me, all the time! LOL!

Some may think that Annie is silly in her relationship with Ted, well, you don’t judge someone just like that. Her insecurities and low self-esteem, made her sexual relationship with Ted seemed so heaven. Who could blame her?

Anyway, it is a funny movie. Exaggerated sometimes, but it’s a movie. The message was clear, the actions were there, the humor was good and the ending was great. So, ya, one of my favorite comedies. :D

Ok, you don’t see me mentioning about the cast right? Seriously and honestly, I’m not familiar with them. LOL! Seen them in some movies or TV before, but not often. Chris O’Dowd is kinda cute by the way, love his voice. :D


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