Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

One Day 2011

One Day,
I met you.
I loved you.

One Day,
You left me.
You hurt me.

One Day,
We met again.
We kissed again.

One Day,
I fell.
I slept.

One Day,
I would choose,
To do it all over again.

~ Ashley

One Day, a heart-wrenching movie. By the time I finished the movie, my heart ached so much.

So near yet so far. It is so painful to see that Emma had to go through so much to be with the man she loved. I just can’t agree to the idea of “love is about self-sacrificing”. On the other hand, how could you let someone who loved you so much to slip away and took ages to realise that you loved him/her too?

Although Emma did get to be with Dexter, it was a short-lived fairy tale. It is just, SAD! :(

I’m grateful, that the man I love, loves me back too. That I do not need to go through a decade of pain and wait for the man to love me back.

Life is too short to not let your loved ones know, that you love them.

Now go, “love” someone whole-heartedly. :)


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