Fight For Survival

When it comes to survival, everyone will do their best to fight for it.

Malaysia is a beautiful country. We are blessed with incredible natural resources, great weather with the sun all year round and we do not have natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanoes (although we are very near to Indonesia).

I love my country. I called myself lucky to be born here where people of different races live peacefully despite the occasional racisms raised by the politicians. There are lots of delicious food here that you can’t get them anywhere else in the world. Being a Malaysian, it means that you are a food lover. I have yet to find a Malaysian who does not love our local cuisines.

Sad to say, our country which has been ruled by the ruling party for over 50 years, is heading no where.

The famous slogan of “Malaysia BOLEH”, meaning “Malaysia Can”, has become a sarcastic remarks towards all the problems here. You can’t find it anywhere else in the world, ONLY in Malaysia. Why? Because Malaysia BOLEH. My friend, Melissa wrote a very interesting post on various Malaysia BOLEH issues, “I Live in “Boleh” Land Ma“, is both amusing and sad. Those are cold hard facts.

The recent Lynas rare-earth refinery issue in Kuantan, is getting so heated that everyone is talking about the same thing. The ambiguity of the waste management is the key point here, but NO one seems to be able to clear the “air” and assure the people with facts. “Someone” just failed to understand what the people want is just as simple as “transparency”. The way “they” handled it, they think the people are all 3 year-old.

Our public transport system is such a pain. I used to be taking LRT (light railway transit) to work, but I hate it now. It is so poorly maintained that it often breaks down. It was so crowded during peak hours that at times I had to wait 20 minutes in order to get on the train. Now there is some longer coach/train, the crowd issue is sort of resolved but the maintenance is still pretty poor. Don’t get me started on the bus system/routes and the KTM (train).

Everything is on the rise, except our salaries. The inflation rate keeps on rising and we are struggling to make ends meet. If you’re earning RM5000 a month, with a RM1400 housing loan and a RM1000 car loan, you can’t consider yourself rich. Average, yes.

How do we survive in this country for so long? Well, we just, survive. The generations before us did not have the advantage of internet and technology, but we do now. People begin to see what’s behind the closed curtains and many don’t like it. They can’t fool us with foolish stories any more.

Are you doing your part as a registered voter? Seriously, in my opinion, those who do not vote, do not have the rights to complain. You are the one who gave up your rights as a voter, and you want someone to listen to you now?

For better or worse, change is needed.

2 thoughts on “Fight For Survival”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Soon, I plan to write about ‘The increasing standard of living”.
    Actually hor..if really want to list all…write from day to nite oso not done yet lo… ^^

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