Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

John Carter 2012

Wanted to watch “This Means War” but couldn’t wait for the showtime, so John Carter that is.

Andrew was bad in making fun of the name, John Carter. In Hokkien, Carter sounds like “karh teyh”, meaning ‘short legged’!!! The first time he joked about it:

Andrew: John Carter must have short legs.
Me: Huh? Why? What makes you said so?
Andrew: Carter mah –> “karh teyh” ahhhh…..
Me: What the……. *LMFAO*

I was laughing so hard!

Ok, enough of the joke, back to the movie. Both of us went in to the cinema without knowing exactly what story it was, all we know was that it was some sci-fi stuff. When the teleporting stuff started and all that Barsoom and Helium, I started to ask questions. Ask who? Andrew lah of course!

I was asking how come suddenly he could walk so well, how does he control, he was running but how come not super fast, why like that, how come…… Andrew answered them all with “I don’t know”. That’s it, I know I gotta ditch all the logic sense behind and just throw myself in for some non-logical-totally-absurd-and-bizarre movie.

The movie is not too bad, love the visuals and colors. The green Tharks remind me of Avatar. Hahaha. Hmm…… Could the ideas of Avatar come from John Carter’s novels? The teleport thing, the “copy” thingy, the “original dies and copy dies” concept… Hmm…… You be the judge.

The story, my goodness…… It’s a science fiction movie, you can’t explain most of the things happened in the movie. The characters are vaguely introduced too. A lot of time wasted on unnecessary and lengthy conversations, which could well be used to explain more why the Therns exist, why Mars is chosen, why Earth has the cave, who is the goddess??? I got so confused when one of the Therns started explaining the Earth and Mars and what they do…… @__@ What was that again?????? Geez…… So lame. Was it the author or the director’s fault?

When I put all those confusion and trying-to-interpret aside, I enjoyed the movie more. Sigh…… Love the visuals of those blue ray, they are so pretty! Oh, and those gorgeous structure. There was some funny and humorous scenes too, I was laughing pretty loud a few times. Oh, Taylor Kitsch is John Carter!!! Nice body! :D There’s something unique about his face, he has both the bad-boy and cute looks. We will be seeing more of him this year as Battleship is coming soon. :D

I told Andrew, if I could be a superhero on Mars, I wouldn’t want to come back here neither! Hahahahaha……

So, is it worth to watch? It is, beautiful movie. Provided, you can shake off all your beliefs and logical sense. Just like watching Avatar, but John Carter requires more imaginations and non-science explanation.


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