My Rant On Kubiq

Chosen Kubiq, for our kitchen cabinets and wardrobe. First, I was convinced by someone, that the quality is good. Secondly, I believed it would worth the money. Thirdly, I trusted my friend more than my contractor. It wasn’t that my contractor is not good, in fact he is pretty good. However, who wouldn’t trust a friend more than a contractor which you only know for a month?

I regret every decision that I made about Kubiq. Yes, I am not a person who regret my decision. When I know I make a mistake, I don’t regret, I’ll just make sure I don’t repeat it and I learned. For this, I broke all the principles I have. Kubiq, now adds to my regret list, which has only 3!

If you want to know about the full story and if you care to read, (it’s long, I’ve warned you) it’s here in the Lowyat Forum. I posted in Lowyat Forum because I do not want another person fallen as a victim. Perhaps I’m the unlucky, still, I want to make sure I’ve done my part to warn you that, Kubiq is not professional enough to take on bulk orders during peak seasons and their workers are definitely not professional ones.

If you were in my shoes, going through all the hassles and headaches, living in a house with incomplete kitchen and wardrobe for nearly 3 months, couldn’t do a thing to other furnitures as you couldn’t unpack your stuff, seeing your walls and floors damaged by some unprofessional pricks, spent weekends mopping the dusty floors due to the numerous installations in the house, waited f***ing few months for them to correct their stupid mistakes, dealing with idiots not responding promptly to your questions and emails, always have to call FIRST to get an answer…… YOU tell me, if my patience for the past 3 months is not enough, tell me what is???!!!!!

I made a mistake, a grave mistake! I went with my guts more than the facts. I should have just let my contractor to do everything, but I put too much trust on a friend. A friend that believes has done everything to help me in this. I don’t know. I don’t care, you messed up, you get it corrected, I don’t care just how much you have done. Guess what, not even a call from my friend asking me “how’s thing going” after everything went wrong.

People, a friendly piece of advice from me. Do NOT ever, EVER, trust your friend for any renovation works. NOT even when they guarantee you that they could do a perfect job for you, NOT even when they could assure you 101% of quality, NOT even when you have seen how brilliant their work is, NOT even when they’re so good to you and certainly NOT even when they need your “help” in their business.

Things, can go wrong. Even the smallest of things can go wrong. You trust your friends, fine. Just don’t let them renovate your house! Advice given, take it or leave it.

Right now, even the word “Kubiq” looks disgusting to me. They deserve a middle finger from me. Make sure you run as far as possible when you see Kubiq. Quality wise, to be honest, it is similar to IKEA, but I must say IKEA is better because you have so many choices in IKEA and their service is definitely way better. If you are considering Kubiq, please go to IKEA. You may even find that IKEA is cheaper especially comes to installation price. Good thing with IKEA is, the workers are hired by IKEA, everything is controlled by IKEA. Anything goes wrong, go back to IKEA and they will definitely attend to you. Unlike Kubiq, my complaint was not even well addressed!

When I gather the same amount of money, I’m gonna tear every bit of Kubiq down and show them! Kubiq my a**!

Actually, I don’t feel as angry as I was. I just needed to rant here. In the future, when I look back, I will know how my grave mistake taste like! Also, I really do not want others to be another victim.

Tall unit is shorter than the wall cabinet. They appeared to be of same height on the drawings. If I had known the difference earlier, I would have told  them to take away the tall unit. It wasn’t even something I suggested, it was suggested and added by the designer!

I showed this photo to share a joke. I told some a**hole that this door is shorter since it came with the wrong handles, the door should cover the cabinet nicely, but here, I could see the bottom white edges so clear when I stand 3 feet away. I know they were going to change the doors, but I still showed that idiot this. Before anything else, that idiot said this is common, nothing is perfect! Now you tell me what bulls*** he was talking about. Common???

The biggest blooper!!! The plaster ceiling was already done when Keiron came to measure, yet the wardrobe came out to be shorter!!! See the small narrow top cabinet? That is another blooper. The a**hole told me you can’t do customisations for Kubiq, you can’t even cut it. I asked him, “if you can’t customise or cut it, it is taller than the ceiling then how??!!! Force it into the ceiling and wall????!!!!” I didn’t get any answer from that idiot.

The wall beside the wardrobe, badly damaged because those stupid workers didn’t use their brains, peeled off the silicon and didn’t bother to mend it! This goes from top to bottom ok, not just a tiny part! F***!

Stain/white wash on the wardrobe door, can’t remove it. Idiot asked Andrew if we want to replace it, if yes, then we have to take the measurements of the door and let him know then he give us a replacement. HA! No, thanks!!! I do not want to wait another 3 months again for a f***ing door. I don’t trust you anymore, not a damn bit!

Idiot told me drawings/plans can’t be used! Well, only a very “well-educated” idiot can say such a thing.

Guess what, up to this day, my wardrobe is still without handles. Every time they said will return call, but they never did until Andrew called them. Ya, ever since the day that idiot came, I’ve had enough of all this and I stop liaising with those idiots, Andrew is the one who’s been contacting them. I told Andrew I can’t talk to those idiots anymore, nothing good will come out from my mouth if I ever speak to them again. First time in my life that I felt so angry until I could curse his whole family and business! First time! Seriously, how far can this kind of person go in business?

Feel this, dumping RM11,400 into the deep blue sea! How does that feel?

13 thoughts on “My Rant On Kubiq”

  1. 11.4k? Wow tats a hefty price tag!! I never heard of kubiq before btw.. But Ikea kitchen has good quality though, if not they won’t have 25 yrs warranty. Where can u find that?

    1. 11.4k for kitchen and wardrobe together.
      I was like u lah, Cheryl, never heard of Kubiq until this friend told me. If I know the quality would be worse than IKEA, I definitely will go for IKEA or my contractor. You are right, IKEA wouldn’t offer 25years warranty for no reason! Seriously, after seeing those furniture shops and this mishap, I now only trust IKEA.
      Sigh… Now I want to save that 11.4k again, tear every Kubiq down, go with IKEA. BIG pricey mistake! T__T

      1. Really waste money if you get unsatisfactory product. All the hassle and trouble you have gone through, I will never even lay eyes on any kubiq advertisement. Dirt cheap also n won’t consider them! Such a bad service and irresponsible team.

      2. Well, it’s arguable whose fault it is. Some may say it’s not Kubiq’s fault, some may say it’s not even dealer’s fault. Some even may say it is my fault to not check properly. And yes, it is my fault to trust a friend and a brand.
        But ya, the hassle and trouble, walau… I’ve taken few days leave for the installations. Pity my hubby has to deal with them since I refuse to do that already.
        Sigh…… The handles they will come install tonight, but it is not the type that I wanted. Took them 3 months (from the day I confirmed my order) to tell me what I wanted is no longer in stock! Can you believe that? 3 f***ing months. The ones they have, look so ugly. Now my wardrobe is the fugliest thing in the house that I intend to get rid off next year. LOL!

  2. Y they need 3 mths to change the handle?
    You can report to consumer rights and get yourself compensated. Yes It will be a hassle too but to teach them a lesson. Its our right and get back your over-charged tall cabinet money. Dont accept lousy job! Kubiq nor Signature Kitchen will not be considered for my KC liao.

    1. First order, they never know exactly which handle I want. Told them countless of time it’s the one in their showroom. Mind you, their showroom only got 3 units of wardrobe there, it’s not even complicated to identify which one and I even told them exactly which color of the wardrobe and location. Until January they still don’t know which handle! Can you believe it? Until February, they still couldn’t figure out which one! Hubby and I had to purposely made a trip to point out the handle that we want! Took them 2 weeks to tell us the one we want is out of stock. Took them another 2 weeks to tell us the replacement we want is ok. Took them another 2 weeks to get back to us when to deliver! They never took initiative to call us, always said will call but never until we had to call them to ask. These are the people from Ipoh Road Kitchen, not Kubiq. Ipoh Road Kitchen is the dealer.

      I don’t want to have anything to do with them already. And I don’t think I have a case here since they did rectify the kitchen issues. Also, my friend told me yesterday Ipoh Road Kitchen is no longer her partner. What else can I say? Sort of like telling me she has nothing to do with it already and whatever she could do she has done it. I’m not angry with her, but I am extremely disappointed with the way she handled this. She was the one got me into Kubiq and now she sounded like I’m the one who’s making a big fuss and demanded more than she could give. She even said things that I felt she thinks I’m asking too much. Really very disappointed you know. A friend shouldn’t do this to another friend if she has my best interest in heart. Now I have trust issue again, I can’t trust friends anymore.

      Next time when you want to engage KC, make sure you ask them clearly if they can do customisations to fit the house! Make sure they write every details down. Those people might say everything is good before they get your payment. I learned my lesson here: Don’t ever pay them full, and write everything damn little things down. If you want my business, you do what I require, not I do what you ask!

  3. Gosh, found this advice “You trust your friends, fine. Just don’t let them renovate your house! ” few months late. :(

    I went through the wrong road of trusting friend as well, to handle the house renovation. We found a few contractor but landed final choice on him, because he’s a friend, thought more trustable.

    His word is so promising like super expert prior to start the renovation, then when the real work started already, nothing was right, giving us a piece of sh*t.

    When sh*t happened, he pretended nothing happen. Never asked us how’s everythg going & such.

    Imagine when you put in your hard earn $ into 1st house, 1st reno hoping to get a beautiful home (that’s the point of reno, no?) and a friend of so many years screw it up BIG time! He never looked into the mirror & see what mistake he has done. Just blamed everyone around him.

    Seriously, when it comes to real work, cannot rely on trust & the ‘friend’ label, must look into the vendor background, portfolio and such. Sigh.

    1. Hi Kat, thanks for your comment. :)

      Yeah, I have no issue of trusting friends, but I learned my lesson. I won’t ask friends to do renovation for me and I keep a distance from my contractor, don’t want him to become my friend ’cause I may need him to do renovation for me in the future. I really regret of not letting him to do my kitchen and wardrobe, he has done a great job in other parts of the house and he didn’t complain whenever we made changes.

      Hope your renovation goes smoothly despite all the troubles.

  4. hi, just google bout this f***ing kubiq, then your blog came out… today was my most headachable day in my life, those idiots from kubiq and houz depot make me crazy all day long… they promise to deliver the kc by 31st january 2013, but it has to be postponed to 7th of feb on 11am… due to my apartment not allowing any renovation works after 5pm, so i think 11am was the perfect time to deal with it fuethermore the installer need at least 5hours to get everything done. finally, kubiq deliver the kc at hahahaha, so installer wont come and want to do in the next day… hahaha.. im lost 1 day leave, and tomorrow it ll have to take another leave… damn it. i call the houz depot hq, and make a complain, and they waived the delivery charge amounting rm150.00. i am still not satisfied with them, either kubiq and houz depot, they act like pro’s when 1st time you meet them, but the truth they are unproffesional and inresponsible staff. BELEIVE ME DONT EVER DEAL WITH KUBIQ OR YOU GUYS WILL REGRET FOREVER…

    1. Hi. I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experience with Kubiq too. Before I go on and add that Kubiq sucks, I’ll still give them the benefit of the doubt in your case. It could be the Kubiq’s dealer, not Kubiq itself. However, I must say Kubiq did a lousy job in appointing its dealers. When things happened, the dealers would just point their fingers back at Kubiq and all of a sudden they’re at no faults at all.

      I feel you. It’s the exactly same thing that happened to me. I had to take so many days of leave just to accommodate their mistakes and “miscommunication” and never did they mention about compensation. The dealer replaced the wardrobe unit for me and sounded like they’ve done their best and I was like asking for too much. Again, you’re right that they were all so professional when you first met them and once you paid the 70% deposits, everything changed.

      I just wish more and more people will know about their unprofessionalism. Anyway, Kubiq’s quality isn’t that good either. For that kind of price, I would rather go IKEA, which guarantee customer’s satisfaction.

      Hope you have sorted out everything with them.

  5. They are sucks. No responsibility. Their staffs are like playing a fool. Their recommended contractor are idiots. No warranty and will charge you for their poor job

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for dropping by. Hope you’re not another victim of Kubiq. They claimed to be cheaper than IKEA and quality is better than IKEA. However, their customer service and experience suck big time. Quality too isn’t better than IKEA as they claimed. I would rather spend more money on IKEA which I know I can have absolute peace of mind and trust on their services.
      The best part is, they only installed one hinge on my top open kitchen cabinet. When I asked why only one hinge ’cause it’s not enough to hold the door open, I have to hold it with my hand. Their answer was, “oh, it’s like that, we only provide one hinge, if you need another, you’ll have to buy it on your own.” I was like, HUH?! You gotta be kidding me!!!! You see, they never mentioned it at the very beginning, you’d get more and more “surprises”.

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