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This Means War 2012

Wanted to watch this with Andrew, something happened at the workplace, and I made a choice to go with colleagues. Sigh…… It’s difficult to work here, and it is more difficult when you are in the HR department here. *Sighs big sigh*

So, This Means War, gotten the tickets at second row from the screen! Perfect! Just perfect for eyesight and headache. People say you can’t cure stupidity, I say you can’t cure stupidity AND stubbornness. Stupid and stubborn? No problem, you just die faster. Best of all, I nearly got killed by stupidity and stubbornness. Had a bad headache with strained neck and tired eyes at the end of the movie. SIGH!

Now, back to the movie.

The moment I know Chris Pine and Tom Hardy starred in the movie, I know at least I would have some fun looking at the handsome chap if at all the movie is bad. It turned out that the movie was great! I really had some good laugh! However, I totally didn’t enjoy the action scenes. Too near to the big screen, whenever there’s an action scene, all I saw was people flying all over the screen and I didn’t know who they are. Fortunately, the humours made up for it.

The 2 good looking young men are unquestionably, handsome and hot with that killer bod. Gosh, I was “salivating” whenever they flashed their fabulous bodies! My goodness…… Recalling them now still makes me swallow hard. LOL! Reese Witherspoon however appeared to be, old. :( No doubt she is still pretty, but she looks so much older than the men! Feel sorry for her. She looked so cute and young in Just Like Heaven. Oh well, that was like 7 years ago. Sigh……

This Means War is a good comedy. If I were to choose, I’d be torn between that two gorgeous men too. :P I may choose Tom Hardy, for his sexy manly voice and that British accent! Wuahahahahahaha……

Do watch it for a good laugh, it’s worth your time. ;) I’m going to watch second time! :D


2 responses

  1. aiyoyo….2nd row from front, yet still went ahead to purchase the tickets??
    Haihh….I un the stubbornness there.

    March 27, 2012 at 10:22 AM

    • Ashley

      hahahahaha… Exactly lor, 2nd row available only still wanted to buy. Haih…… I was so shocked when I saw the tickets.

      March 27, 2012 at 10:59 AM

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