Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Wrath of the Titans

With the Citibank promotion, I do not want to miss the chance of catching a movie on a weekend whenever it’s possible. RM14 for 2 tickets!!! How nice. :D

Wrath of the Titans, sequel to Clash of the Titans. Clash of the Titans was a good movie (although they twisted the original mythology), but I totally enjoyed it. When the myths put into actions, it was amazing. I was excited to see all the monsters in real, I mean in a movie, moving around rather than read them from a book with only your imaginations. I somehow looked forward to the Wrath of the Titans, hoping for the same experience.

Although a few scenes did manage to catch me by surprise, there’s only one word that I could summarise it all – average. Let’s not talk about the visual effects and all that, those are the great things that you can find in almost every movie that you can’t argue with. Let’s look at the story. It is so, so, so predictable.

So, after all, Perseus did love his father, Zeus. And Poseidon conveniently had a son that could help Perseus! Alright, I must admit, this is unpredictable! I know, I know, I can’t compare it with the original Greek mythology. Sigh…… Zeus was captured, so predictable. Before the movie could end, I already know how it was going to end.

Also, some conversations were pretty lengthy and boring. Before they could even speak, I already know what they were going to say. At some point, I even got so impatient and asked Andrew “why so long one???” I was hoping they could get on with it faster and stop nagging.

Further more, Sam Worthington looked just like any other average guy in the movie! Oh my, what happened?! :( Trust me, he was so forgettable. It was Agenor who then stole all the attention. I blame it on the characters and script.  Too many new characters to share the limelight. Even Liam Neeson appeared more often, and yes, he still looks charming. :P

Forget about going to the cinema to watch it, you can just watch it on a DVD later. If you insist to go to the cinema, just prepare yourself for the boring story, enjoy yourself with the visual effects and actions.


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