Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Dreams Vault

Do you have dreams? One? Two? Five? Ten?

You see, I have a lot of dreams, I put them together in an imaginary box. They are like my dreams vault.

Last year, I learned to hope and dream hard. Andrew said, the laws of attraction, you have to think positive to attract the positive. No, you can’t even doubt your dream, not even one little bit. The moment you are thinking that negative side, the negative happens. I’ve learnt not to let the negative part gets to me.

Well, people always say the more you hope/dream for it, the more disappointment you’ll get if it doesn’t come true. Hey, don’t you see it? You are already expecting the disappointment when you are hoping for it. Again, the laws of attraction, when you are already expecting the bad, how can the good come?

Have you ever wondered what will happen if you hope/dream for the best but expect nothing? Think about it. ;)

I always hope/dream for the best thing to happen. Well, if it doesn’t happen, I’ll keep dreaming for it. Why get upset or disappointed by it not happening? It happens, good! If it doesn’t, it’s ok, I’ll keep on dreaming until it happens. If it will not happen forever? Well, I know it will, one way or the other. Good thing happens when you least expect it. Dream, and hope, not expect. :)

Andrew said I want so many things…… I’m a realistic person, I WANT things that I know I can get. I don’t want a moon or a star. Those wants, are my dreams. No matter how small they are, they are still my dreams. Every little dream that comes true, is a dream came true. No dream is too small, or too big.

Do you have a dreams vault too? Start dreaming, and stop expecting. :)


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