IKEA Or Not? #3

Went to IKEA in the early morning of Saturday to beat the crowds. It is just so difficult to shop with the crowds, and very often I would find myself getting agitated with the crowds. It is no joke, people! You would know what I mean if you’ve been to IKEA during weekends.

Since my wardrobe is done, I’ll have to move on with adding more furniture to the room. Was hunting for a dressing table and a storage cabinet for the living room. Right now all our shoes are on a shoe rack, an eyesore for an open-space room.

PAX one-door wardrobe. Saw this one-door wardrobe during our last trip here, shoe racks on the bottom half and shelves on the top half. Perfect! Just what we needed! Everything will be hidden out of sight. The one below costs RM528, without the interior fittings. The one we saw in IKEA cost RM589, mirror glass door with interior fittings. It never occurred to us that a one-door wardrobe can be used this way. Argh! Ignorant! Hahaha. This is what I like about IKEA, they have it in different sizes and designs to suit your needs. :)

Dressing table. Saw this MALM dressing table on IKEA’s website, thought it would be good to fit in nicely the corner near to the bathroom in the master-bedroom. With a drawer that I can keep all my cosmetics and skincare. However, when I saw the real thing, I changed my mind. It is not worth the money (RM449). The quality of the table isn’t really that fantastic except the glass top. The drawer is shallow and short. Don’t think it will be big enough to store my skincare and accessories. Sigh. And, when I wanted to close the drawer, it slipped and banged shut, the whole table was shaking! Hahahahaha. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. So now I know, it is really not a good buy. :P Here’s another advise, make sure you touch and test each and every item that you are buying.

Chest of drawers. I’ve been eyeing this MALM chest of 6 drawers since long time ago! LOL! It looks so elegant with the glass top, and it has 6 drawers! And the top can be used as a table too! Isn’t it nice? It is nice, right? Don’t you agree? Hahahahaha…… Andrew keeps telling me, “you can use the old one we have, right”. I’ll always tell him, color not match, the width not right, the keyhole rusted already…… I want a white bedroom, the old chest of drawers is dark brown, with the brown wardrobe now already ruining the whole thing, that is going to add to the ugliness of everything. The quality isn’t bad at all. From the first look it may look cheap, but when you open the drawer, you can feel that it is actually pretty solid and steady. All four colours are equally nice and elegant. RM659 for the white one, RM100 extra for the glass top. I remember I bought my chest of 4 drawers from a furniture shop for RM500. :(

We didn’t buy the big items above, decided to get them later with other furniture, still need to get some book shelves and table.

After looking at the big stuffs, we bought some other smaller household items. Can’t believe that we bought so many from IKEA! Even towels!

Kassett box, RM19.90 for 2. Fit nicely on the TV bench! So difficult to find boxes that can fit into that narrow drawer!

Ribba picture ledge, RM39. Bought 2, black color. This is good for photo frames and some other decorative items. :)

Haren bath towel, RM19.90. Andrew kept complaining his towels are old and worn, bought this to shut his mouth. :P

Frajen bath towel, RM24.90. I complained that he gets to have new towel and I don’t! So I get this, more expensive than his! Hahaha! :P

Boholmen colander, RM12.90. This has proven to be so useful! Even better than the dish drainer! Andrew picked this, and he is now so proud of his own choice. Cheh……

4-piece Grunka kitchen utensil, RM25. So cheap, am not cooking very often, this will do.

Kavalkad frying pan, RM35 for 2. Cheap also lah. Have a big one at home, too big for me to handle. Hahaha. This one so cheap, won’t feel so heart-sick if  scratched or spoil soon.

Klangfull knives, RM11.90. Bloody dirt cheap!!! Andrew was holding another set of knives for RM49, then he saw this! Hahahaha. He said we are not big chef, this will do. :P

Tekla tea towel, RM1.60. Wonder what was with Andrew the other day, he kept spotting the cheap stuff! Guess what, this is a good tea towel! Gonna buy few more the next trip.

That’s all. Now you see, IKEA is in every household. Look carefully and choose wisely, IKEA can be the best choice. :)

4 thoughts on “IKEA Or Not? #3”

  1. I’m thinking of going to IKEA on weekdays…Weekends really too crowded la. Difficult to find things oso. Their Frajen bath towel is worth buying..summore got this small ‘hook’ so that u can hang the towel. =)

    1. Better go during weekdays, even weekdays night time also won’t be so crowded. Weekends can go, but have to go VERY VERY VERY early to get car park and avoid the crowds. That day I shopped from 12pm to nearly 4pm lah. Luckily not many crowds, when I was leaving that time, walau…. so many people!!!!!!!!

      I like that towel geh “hook” also leh… hahahahaha… Cham lor… now macam everything also IKEA liao.

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