Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

The Adjustment Bureau 2011

Saw this movie on TV. Thumbs up! Didn’t expect the movie to be so mind-provoking and yet entertaining.

The Adjustment Bureau, is about a group of unknown men, ensuring everything that happens in our daily life, is according to the “plan”. They’re like the “adjusters”. You shall meet this person, you shall miss the bus today, coffee spills on you in the afternoon, you missed a step…… Apparently, they’re all planned by “someone”. When something happens not according to the plan and cause the following events to run off course, someone will show up to adjust everything, so that everything will be back on the track again. There is no way you can stop the adjusters from adjusting.

However, Matt Damon could. :) With his strong will and a little help from someone on the inside, he managed to change the plan they had for him.

Love the story a lot. To a lot of people, it may seem to be a love story. To me, it is more than a love story.

People always say, “God has His plan for everyone, don’t you worry”. I am not a Christian and I am not a believer of God. I don’t believe in fate, nor a plan for all of us. I believe in everything happens for a reason and I choose my own path. Somehow, The Adjustment Bureau is also telling a story of someone who does not believe in the “plan”, dares to deviate from the “plan” and takes on his own path. Also, never give up. Although Matt Damon did give up at one point in the movie, it was for the benefit of his girlfriend.

Is the movie trying to tell people you can change what has been planned for you as long as you never give up? Are they implying those men from the adjustment bureau are angels from God? That we can outsmart them and choose our own path? That after all if we have the will, we have the power? That we will win if we fight for it?

For people who always think that it is all planned/fated and you can’t change it, think again, is it really because you can’t change it? Or you never try?

See the trailer. Love these lines from the trailer.

If you believe in free will
If you believe in chance
If you believe in choice
Fight for it.


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